Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some potty humor (Be forewarned!) and our Sulphur Springs Park Adventure

I may or may not have written about this before, but it only happens during pregnancy and it really cracks me up.  Now most of us in the pregnant condition get excessive amounts of gas, right?  I do and I know I'm not alone, so don't even try and deny it, people! :)  My motto is better out than in.  There is no logical reason to add to pregnancy discomfort.  Just sayin'.  Anywho, the other day I pooty-tooted (that's what we have named said deed in this house) and it startled the baby and he/she jumped.  It happened again on a totally different day a few days later and again the baby got startled.  I think the baby must be snoozing when that happens because the belly is calm until....well, the release of pressure.  I like to scare my kids at random....Makes me wonder what the baby thinks of it!  Haha!

Okay, on Saturday, Sam took us to Sulphur Springs Park out in Bend, TX.  Its about a 2+ hour drive.  It was really lovely, especially the part of the drive as we got in closer to the park.  I also always like driving through Lampasas.  There are some really pretty views and old houses there, which is where I saw this one and had Sam stop so I could take a pic or two:

How stinkin' cute is that?  It seriously looks like a miniature house.  Since its a bed and breakfast, I looked it up on the web.  Its called The Peach House on Walnut Street.  Curiously enough, there's only a phone number.  I couldn't even find a pic of it on any site or its own website.  I'm still going to check it out because I would love to stay there one of these days.

Okay, onward to the park.  This is the park where the men's retreat at our church was held a couple weeks back.  Sam just loved it and has wanted to take us there since.  I honestly didn't take a bunch of scenic pics because we were just enjoying our time together as a family without city noise.  It was lovely!  The only part that I could have done without was when Sam took us around the park via the road that really only high clearance and probably only 4-wheel drive vehicles should venture down.  We made it work in our van. Bottoming out in a van is very disconcerting....especially when preggers.  Let's just say our hiney cheeks got their calisthenic workouts for the day!

 This is the Sulphur Spring.  People used to come and bathe in it back in the day for medicinal purposes.  Think I'll skip that treatment. :)

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