Thursday, March 10, 2011


I finally finished the curtains for the living room and Ailey's room over the weekend. I may add some embellishments to Ailey's eventually, but for now they cover the windows and are finished enough.

The living room curtains turned out better than I expected. I was a bit concerned that after all the seam allowances that they wouldn't end up spanning the window all the way. They took a lot more thought and math and problem solving than I originally expected as well. Whew! Math as many people know is definitely NOT my strong suit and often, my calculations go awry. This time, however, all went as planned! Yippee!! I actually managed to make them reversible, so when you see the pics, I have one hung on one side and the other on the other to show the variation. I haven't decided which side I like better, yet. Anyway, here are pics of the finished product:

I think I'll end up hanging them both with the light side majority. To me it makes the walls seem less dark. I really like the texture of the darker tan, though, so its a tough decision. I might hang them on the lighter side in the cold months and the darker in the warm or something....

Those two chairs are going to receive a makeover at some point....mwwhhahaha!

I thought these turned out pretty cute.

I might add some flower buttons at the top in between the seems under the tabs at some point, but I've got other stuff in my queue for now, so it'll just have to wait. I am also wanting to do different curtain rods, but we'll have to see what I come up with, eh?

I found the ribbon in the middle at Hobby Lobby and had to get it. It was calling to me...a driving force, if you will.;p Plus, it was 50% off and all. I already had the striped ribbon from a while back and thought it paired well together and so there you have it.

The funny thing is, I did one curtain for my bedroom first in the beginning of all the curtain commotion. I quilted it. I was working with fabric I already had. The silk curtains I got many years ago and a sheet that went to a set that I got around the same time that lost its fitted partner to an over-eager laundromat washing machine a year or so ago. I also had a package of craft-size batting that I had for a LONG time. Add in some half off ribbon from ye 'ole favorite craft store Hobby Lobby and viola! Curtains! I'll take a pic some day. I quilted the one and then left the other unquilted and decided I liked the unquilted one better. So, eventually, I intend to take a seam ripper to the quilted one to make them look alike and all. Eventually.

I decided not to quilt the curtains for the kids' rooms because, well....its a lot of stinkin' work! I made the boy's curtains curtains first. I cut up the curtains I had hanging in there and backed them with a flat sheet my mom brought me from her get-rid-of stash. They are pretty plain and after making Ailey's, I feel the need to dress them up a bit.. later. I am wanting to get them both bed sets for their birthday, so I'll wait until after then. Plus, I need to paint both rooms and then I'll do more accessorizing. Hopefully, the finished product will look something like the idea I have in my head... :)


Nessa and Jeebs said...

the seam ripper is my best friend- and I think it's funny you're so excited about the instrument- viola! hehehehe sorry had to

DyessFam said...

You didn't HAVE to....but I do completely understand. I spell weird wrong on occasion, too....hooray for spell check!;p