Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Montezuma's Revenge!

Warning:  Too much information of bodily functions follows.  Read at your own risk!!!:)

Sorry about the absence, but we all got what my mom likes to call Montezuma's Revenge.  That's right, one of those lovely 24-hour stomach viruses that wreaks complete havoc on the ENTIRE digestive system.  Yep, both ends, people!  I know, TMI.  The only one who wasn't affected was Zekers and boy are we gratefully praising and thanking the Lord for that.  We prayed specifically that he wouldn't get it and he hasn't!  Hallelujah!  We think Braden picked it up from daycare because he started throwing up on Saturday and had been at daycare Wednesday.  Zekey was there, too, but in a different class. 

 I am so proud of Braden.  He was such a big boy about all the throwing up and going to the bathroom.  He made it to the potty most times and was at least in the bathroom for any of the rest.  Poor little guy is still recovering, though.  I think part of it is his stomach is still trying to get used to digesting normal food and part of it is he's scared that whatever he eats is going to make him throw up again.  I greatly sympathize, but I also want him to be able to eat again. :)  It'll day at a time.  

So, anyway, Sunday was Sam's day off and he went to church and I stayed home with the kids because Braden still was not up to par and I didn't want him passing on the virus to any other kiddos.  Later that day we all went to Sam's Club and all went well.  Then, later I went to Wally world and Lowe's and pretty much used up any energy I had.  I was so stinkin' tired when I got home!  (I also have to mention that my sleep for the past week had been constantly interrupted in some way or other and I was getting more and more exhausted.) Yeah, so about 1 AM the next morning, guess what?  Yep, Braden came into the room and woke me up cuz he was having bowell issues.  I got up to help him and as I was trying to get back into bed it struck like lightning!  From about 1:30 am until 3pm I was alternating between sitting on and crouching over the toilet.  At certain points during the day, I didn't think I was going to survive!  Both of my kiddos decided that they needed to whine and fuss at me and I was just trying to make it to the bathroom before disaster struck!  I had to call in some prayer support.  I texted everyone and told them what was going on and had many praying for us.  Thank God for prayer and support even if it is far away! I also called my midwife and she said to try and wait it out but keep the fluids going even if I was throwing most of it up.  Some would get through. :)  (I was contemplating an emergency room visit to get an iv.)  Anyway, I finally ended up calling Sam and was at my wit's end and he said he would come home early.  I was SO relieved!  I had him pick up some Sprite and a bag of ice.  When he got home, however, he wasn't looking so good.  That's right, not 15 mins. later he was in the same routine as I was.  Aren't we a pitiful pair!:p  Well, somehow between the two of us, we were able to take care of the basic needs of the kids and keep up our now combined routine of rushing to the bathroom at any given time.  Thankfully, by this time I was done throwing up, but was still battling the other.  At least, we were able to take turns and not double book the potty! :)  

The sprite and ice turned out to be the perfect combo for both of us.  We were both really thirsty and just wanted to guzzle a whole glass of ice cold water or sprite, but we all know that would have spelled doom, so the ice helped placate that desire and the sprite helped to give us some calories, rehydrate us and settle our stomachs.  We are very thankful Sprite was invented!  

Sam's saga didn't last as long as mine.  He stopped throwing up much sooner than I did and seemed to have a bit more energy.  I'm really glad.  This bug was a doozy!  He went to work today, but he's still really tired and I'm hoping he doesn't over do it.  Maybe he'll get to come home early.  I'll be praying for that today.  He still needs some recovery down time.  I am still pretty tired and have laid down and slept a lot.  Being pregnant and at the stage of pregnancy that I'm in, plus the lack of sleep just made my resistance to this awful virus that much weaker and it threw me for a loop.  I think it will take a few more days of rest to get back to where I was, but I'll get there.

I'm just glad that all the yuck has passed and we are in the home stretch!  Thank you, Father, for bringing us through it and giving us yet another opportunity to praise you in the storm!:)  I hope this post wasn't too disgusting, but I figure that everyone has gone through it at some time and you'll all understand.  I'll post again when I feel up to it. I'm afraid this has taken a lot out of me.  On to resting....


queen of everything said...

sorry you guys have been hit by the bug. here we've had the unstoppable cough and snot. at least i have. then aislyn got it, and then finch. did i mention they are a WEE bit whiny when ill. praying you feel better soon

kjames106 said...

Oh yuck! So sorry. It his Luke Friday night! It was soo very disgusting. Every kid in the nursery at church has had it. Matthew and I did not get it, thank God! We bleached everything that would not stain. We did that right after Luke went to bed. Not sure if that helped, but this virus is running rampant!!! Glad you guys are feeling better. I can't imagine having that while pregnant!!!

Nessa and Jeebs said...

PUKIN" and DOOOOOKIN" - hehehehe sorry that really stinketh- especially being prego, but you are in your due date month!!! yay!! do the happy dance- prolly too much bootie in the pants!! not you- me :)