Monday, February 23, 2009

Zekey's Vocabulary

I can't believe I haven't really kept up with this!  I've decided to do a post so at least I'll have some sort of documentation.  Here is what he says so far:

1.  At this time he answers with an "uh-huh" for the affirmative, although not too long ago, (we're talking mere weeks here) he would say "shoo-mog" for yes and then he shortened it to just "shoo".

2.  Cookie

3.  Cupcake - sounds more like cuckcake

4. Cracker

5. Braden - which comes out sounding like BB, which also sounds just like baby, even though to him the two are apparently different words.

6.  Horsey

7.  Froggy

8.  Puppy - he LOVES puppies.

9.  Deet-deet - which is what he calls his pacifier, but he also knows when I say passy that it is the same thing.

10.  Mommy

11.  Daddy

12. Peepaw  - which almost actually sounds like peepaw

13.  Meemaw - close, but sounds more like mommy at this point, but different enough I can tell he's trying to say it anyway. :)

14.  Juicy - its what he calls his drink

15.  poo-poo - always good to know

16.  tee-tee - used for the action as well as the place it comes out.

17.  thank you - sounds like ankshoo

17.  hi

18.  hey

19. oh, no!

20.  no - Braden's having a hard time with this one because he thinks every time Zekey says it, he's telling HIM no.  Its really only about 50% of the time. ;p

21.  help

22.  please - comes out more like peas

So far that's all I can think of.  I'll have to add more, if I remember.

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