Thursday, February 19, 2009


We've had a home invasion.  An unpleasant confrontation.  Close encounters of the 4th kind.  That's right, we've got a bothersome community of fruit flies...  It started out with just one.  Usually, they hitch a ride on a banana, but even if they do make it to adult-hood, they don't live very long.  I either am able to eradicate them or they just die off.  This time, however, they've not only stayed alive, but they've increased dramatically in population!  Now, its not that I don't like bugs.  They all have their purposes.  (With the exception of mosquitos...I still don't know what purpose they serve!) The thing is, they don't have any sort of a purpose INSIDE my house....EVER!  So, you see, the middle ground is where they don't have a death wish and stay outside and I don't actively seek them out in their element to annihilate them.  I think that's a pretty good arrangement.

Back to the fruit flies... They have taken over my kitchen and for a while, I just couldn't understand where they were all coming from.  I was using my flip flop as a swatter, but its bulky and the little suckers moved out of the way after the first THWAP!  I was able to get quite a few, but still the numbers weren't dwindling!  Where were they all coming from?!  Then, I noticed a smell coming from the combo pantry/washer/dryer area.  I thought it was the washer getting a little iffy.  Yeah, there were some potatoes that had given up the ghost and were turning to liquid delight for a colony of fruit flies.... yuck!  Well, we've gotten rid of those and cleaned up the remnants and now I'm on a mission to have our uninvited house guests leave.  I didn't have a fly swat because mine are still in the rv.  I don't like using spray for obvious reasons.  So, last night, I went to the store and got myself a fly swat and some fly tape.  So far, the fly tape has not tempted them.  Maybe if I put some honey on it?:)  I'm excited about the fly swat, though, my normal targets are much bigger than these.  At least its more user friendly than my flip flop.


queen of everything said...

you my friend are hilarious.

Nessa and Jeebs said...

YUCK I hate rotting potato smell- it is a serious stanky crotch rot smell- enjoy your fly swat-ter- what is a fly swat? hehehhe I had to type in golte- "don't dis my golte tooff!! okay my prego brain is losing it