Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a few tidbits

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I decided that the whole place needed a sprucing up.  I cleaned the entire bathroom so that no one coming to see us would be scared of using it.  Then I vacuumed the carpets.  Yay!  At times like that I really feel sorry for my vacuum cleaner because if you could hear the amount of pebbles and gravel that thing has to suck up from my kids being outside....let's have a moment of silence in regard for the poor thing.......;)  Speaking of vacuum cleaners gives me an opportunity to share the one I really would like to eventually aquire.  Its the dyson ultralight.  I've played around with a few in the stores.  I wanted a Dyson when I first was introduced to them, but then they came out with the ultralight and it was love at first sight.  Well, I definitely won't be getting one anytime soon.  I'll have to wait until my current one goes caput!  We are about to add another child to the pile of Dyesses so, it could happen at any time....hhhhmmmmm....:p

After all that, I needed something else to do.  Two days ago I was reading the Chickens in the Road blog and she mentioned her Fool-proof pie crust recipe.  I was very interested in trying it.  So that's what I did.  I made a blackberry pie.  I made the crust from scratch and it was no harder to make than the ones I normally make from scratch.  Actually it was easier because the liquid is an exact measurement and you just pour it all in at one time.  Plus, her recipe makes four crusts, which I love.  I usually have to make a batch of two at a time because the recipe I normally use just doesn't turn out right when you double it!  So, this is what it looked like before we mostly demolished it after dinner.

Zekey REALLY wanted to stick his finger in the blackberry filling.
Doesn't this just have an old world, super yummy, wanna-just-stick-my-face-right-down-into-it kind of look?!
After eating it, I can honestly say I like this crust the best.  Its really light and flaky and kind of puffs up a bit when its cooked.  I'm gonna have to try it in my chicken and dumplings one day and also see how my granny's chocolate pie recipe goes along with it.  MMMMMmmmmmm...... Oh, yes, Braden helped me make this pie.  He cut out the leaves and put them on the pie and helped me cut the strips for the lattice on top. (I really need to invest in one of those pie cutter thingys that cut the zig-zag pattern.)  He really did such a good job.  Oh, I also have to admit that I used canned pie filling.  Normally, I would make my own because I just like it better, but I had bought some for a recipe and got one can of blueberry and one of blackberry by mistake. (I wanted two blueberry cans...very frustrating at the time, but hey now we have a pie!)

The next recipe I want to try is the Lemon Chess Pie that she has on her blog site.  I'm going to have to let the pictures speak for themselves.  I took one look and swooned.  This pie looks so stinkin' delicious.  Not to mention, I'm a lemon-aholic!  Anyway, here are the pictures that MADE me want to try this at home...

Excuse me while I drool a little bit more....allllgggggghhhhhhssllllllppppp!

Here is the link to this recipe cuz I know your drooling, too!

You might also want to check out her other recipes.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to work/eat my way through them.  Oh, Yeah!  Shelly's test kitchen!  Anyone wanna come help taste test?:D (Don't worry Vanessa, I will get to your cookie recipe, too!)

I guess this is picture day.  I have some more.  This was taken a couple of days ago after Zekey woke up from his nap.

Before I started getting his hair cut, it would be all fuzzy and stand up on end like he had just rubbed a balloon on it.  I'm really glad it still has that capability!:)

Then, Braden and Zekey just had to be silly.  I don't know where they get it from.
This is Zekey trying to copy the funny faces Braden is making.  He'll get it one day.
Yep, he's a cheese head!

Sam called not too long ago and said he was only having to work 8 hours today and probably for the rest of the week and that he doesn't have to work Saturday.  How cool is that?!  Yep, God in action again!  Could this be the weekend of the birth, do you think?  We'll have to see.  Its pretty exciting...  Anyway, I think we will go to the grocery store before the crazy 5 o'clock crowd gets there. 


Mzzterry said...

nesting much???

queen of everything said...

wow, look at you go. i thought i was doing good to get from one side of my house to the other yesterday. pretty pie, makes me want to bake. i love the pics of the boys, they are too funny

Nessa and Jeebs said...

those pies look yummy- i love making pies, but I don't really like pie :) When Cagey saw Zekey he said "who's that?" I told him he was one of my friends' little boys and he said "he's my friend too." funny little people. anyway- good luck with your delivery- I got cracked at the chiro today and I feel oh so much better- hoorah! I had to type pardos- hello my name is vanessa and i"ll be your spanish counselor for the day :)

kjames106 said...

Oh my goodness, you can NOT show me this lady's website anymore!!!! I have been craving anything lemon for like a month now. Now I'm going to have to make that pie!!!!!!
I will definitely do the test kitchen with you! I'm eating my way through this pregnancy! ehehehehehe!
Oh, and Matthew and I recently got a Dyson (not the one you are talking about), worth every penny! It does such a good job at sucking that I have to empty it every time I vacuum! You should get one when you get the chance.