Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, today is my due date. Yeah, not a whole lot going on. I called my mid-wife and we'll be making an appointment for next week, but she doesn't think I'll make it to the appointment.  We'll see.  Zekey was stubborn that way! :p  I finished all the diapers last night and now have nothing to do. (Rachel, I have taken pics for your special viewing pleasure. I know you were waiting, too, Vanessa! ;) I guess I will post a belly pic, too.  

I was able to talk to my MIL(ove) today and isn't she just fantastically awesome!  She has a hooked on phonics set that she wasn't able to use and will be bringing Braden's way when she comes to visit!  Plus, she has some handwriting materials she's gonna include.  I'm so stinkin' excited about it!  I had called her to ask her opinion on exactly what I should get and because I had found this other similar boxed set and viola! I don't even need to worry about it.  I'm tellin' ya God totally has the little things under control!  Yay!
Look at all the pretty colors!
18 in all...whew!

Full frontal..haha!  I think Braden's expression says it all, don't you?
All my kids in one picture..hehehe!


queen of everything said...

great pics with the kiddos. look at all those diapers, you really are an over achiever.

vanillafrog said...

Braden makes the best faces! I'm sure he was thinking, "Argh! Why did my mom make all those diapers?!?!?"

Mzzterry said...

Love the rainbow effect of the diapers! So bright & colorful for such a mundane thing as peepee/poo catchers!!!

The daffodil farm on my blog is exactly the one you are thinking of. Such a beautiful place. We love to go there every spring. Added bonus is that it is Free!

We will be praying for you especially as you near delivery. What an exciting time!

kjames106 said...

The diapers are adorable! You look so great. You are poking straight out like me! You do not look big at all. Can't wait to meet herm (that's my version of him/her). EHEHEHEHE!

Nessa and Jeebs said...

wow- that is a cute basketball belly! my belly looks like something from alien wih a flesh beard :) heheehehe love the diapers- those are cute