Monday, February 9, 2009

Yippee-kiyay-woohoo-hahahaha-a.k.a. -hallelujah, God is so GOOD!!!

We just had another bill bite the dust!  That's right, my friends, another one.  We are sooooooooooo excited!  We had some in savings and then our tax refund was a good amount and we put the two together and BAM! that sucker is history!!!  

It was interesting trying to decide what to do with our refund.  We could have put it into savings and had it there "just in case", which is what we tend to want to do.  We could have bought some things that we've been discussing.  In the end, though, after much prayer and discussion, we both felt that it needed to go to getting rid of our credit card.  Our main financial goal and the reason we've been on the road so long has been to get our debt eradicated and we both knew in this instance that God was giving us yet another opportunity to so.  To do anything else with that money would have been disobedience, plain and simple.  It isn't easy to see such a large chunk of money come into "possession" just to go away again.  Its so easy to want to hang on to it, to savour it.  That's greed, though, and we don't need to wallow in that!  So, out goes the money.  Away, goes that portion of our debt and we feel that much closer to being freed from the enslavement we got ourselves into.  Marvelous!  Makes me want to dance a jig.  That's right its time for another rendition of the bloggy happy dance!  I can really only make believe because I would probably go into labor if I actually tried! Haha!:D

So, without further ado...  Thank you so much, precious Lord, for once again providing what is necessary for us to get out of debt.  Thank you for being our advocate when we've done nothing to deserve that from you.  Thank you for forgiving our blunders and making a way for reparation!  Praise you, Father!  May our submission to You and Your Will bless Your heart and make You proud of us. We love you and praise your Holy name, Father!  Amen!

We still have one more credit card, the van and the motor home, but God's already got those plans underway, we are just going to wait for His timing and provision and be in constant awe of His Ways.  It is so neat to get to not only see, but to be a part of His handiwork in this.  He is The Masterweaver.  Wow.


Rosemond said...

Congratulations!!!! That is SUCH a great feeling! We are doing the same thing and trying to be totally debt free, so I know how good it feels! Hooray for you!

queen of everything said...

woo hoo for you guys. we r using our refund to pay off our last card. can anyone say hallelujah.

Mzzterry said...

Wow. I am so impressed, so proud that you are not falling into that debt trap that has consumed so many of the people my age. Praise God for Both His provision for you and for opening your eyes to the importance!

Yippee!! for you!!

David said...

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Luke said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful news!


kjames106 said...

Congrats! That is fantastic news. Good job and way to be obedient!!