Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kitchen gadgets that I love!

Some of you know I used to be a Pampered Chef consultant, but even before then, I was amassing interesting kitchen gadgets.  I love gadgets in general, but I really have a soft spot for kitchen ones specifically.  I have lots of kitchen ware that sadly happens to be in storage right now, but I have managed to bring my favorites along with me.  A lot of these are Pampered Chef because, let's face it, I either got them free or very cheaply and lots of their stuff are quality products.  Some are from Crate and Barrel and others from Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond or some kitchen store I happened in.  Always gotta keep my eyes open! :) 
bamboo rice paddle - I use mine for all sorts of stuff.  I especially like it for scrambled eggs.  Great for nonstick cookware.

these are professional mini loaf pans from Crate and Barrel.  I bought a silicone baking mat and cut out four pieces for the bottoms and man do they make good holiday breads!
Magnetic nesting measuring spoons.  LOVE THESE!  Both ends are the same measurement on each spoon, just a different shape.  When you stack them, they magnetically stick together nicely and neatly and you don't have to rummage in a drawer or have the spoons on a ring.
this is an islice.  I've actually seen these in Michael's and will be getting another soon.  this thing is super handy.  Has a magnet in it to stick it on your fridge or any other obliging surface.  It will slice open boxes, letters and many other things.
Pampered chef silicone tipped tongs.  These suckers can save your hands when cooking bacon. Nuff said.
Really good quality non-stick cookware from pampered chef.  I, sadly, never earned the entire set, but I do have a few pieces and have NOT been disappointed.
Pampered chef again.  this spatula has knife-like edges and cuts and scoops like a dream.  This is my favorite for using to dig into a lasagna.
This is their mini-spatula (PC, again!) this thing is wonderful to use for cookies and toaster oven purposes.  BTW: I am of the opinion you can't have too many spatulas or whisks......:)
pc again...noticing a trend here?!  This is one of about 7 whisks in my kitchen arsenal.  I use whisks for soooo many things.  Malt-o-meal, scrambled eggs, gravy, anything that requires mixing liquid stuff into a smooth mixture on stovetop gets treated with a whisk in this house!
Oh, look...another spatula!  I think this is one of about 6 that we have, but I might actually have more in storage....can't remember. PC again
PC, yeah.  this measuring cup is cool.  Liquids in one end and goopy stuff like butter and peanut butter in the other.
pyrex-type batter bowl with lid...pc...we use this for mixing up all kinds of batters.
pc - these are those nesting measuring cups that you look straight down into without having to pick them up to measure exactly.  Apparently, I can't have to many measuring cups either.  I have lots of them!
pc - silicone mixer and scraper.  want more of these, just have one though.  it doesn't come apart.  Its molded together.  Oh, yeah.
pc- cooling rack that is stackable.  I've not only used this to cool baked goods, but for a while we used it to keep our lap top from overheating by using it like a desk of sorts
pc - this is seriously one of my favorites.  its a rolling pin.  it even has a little prick tool that attaches underneath.
pc- stoneware - small bar pan.  fits great in a toaster oven.  Love the nonstick feature after using it a few times and the stoneware seriously just bakes better than metal to me!  I still use metal, of course, but I love me some stoneware.
this is the lg. pizza stone with the rack.  bakes a great crust!
I don't actually have this one.  Its the newer deep dish one.  I have two of the regular pie plates without the glazing.  I love them for my pies though.  There's just something better about the way the crust bakes in the stoneware.  (I also have several metal ones and use them when they are not in storage...haha!)
This is their bamboo cutting/carving board.  Its grooved on the one side as you see in the pic and the other side has a large depression in the middle for carving up a chicken or something.  I love bamboo kitchen utensils because it doesn't become contaminated.  Bamboo doesn't absorb like wood does and you can use it with your non-stick cookware.  I might have to do an ode to bamboo.  It just is such a versatile plant!  Hello, you can make shirts, sheets, towels, etc. out of it too!

Kitchenaid stand mixer.  Mine is actually gunmetal gray, but I love this thing.  My meringue didn't turn out until I tried it out in this bad mama jamma!  Sam also uses it to mix up his bread dough when he makes it.  

The kitchenaid hand mixer is fabulous, too.  I did have this, but gave it to Sam's mom cuz hers went caput!
I would be a very aggravated person trying to make pie crusts without one of these here pastry cutters.  It really makes all the difference when you are trying to cut the shortening into the flour.
this....I don't have one of these yet.  this is what I was talking about in my last post.  It will cut the zig zaggy outline on pie dough strips.  I've looked at them several times in the store, but just have yet to purchase one.  Soon...i think!

Anyway, these are really just a few of the things we have.  I have a lot more pans, pots and gadgets, but for now these are in storage or someplace.  When they finally come out of storage, it will be like having a huge birthday party unwrapping all of it.  Fun!  Also, since we've accumulated doubles of many of the things we have in storage, I'll have to find the extras a nice place to live.  GARAGE SALE!!!! :p


Nessa and Jeebs said...

you must be really bored :) go make yourself a bamboo nursing bra or something :) think about it- it'd be great- wouldn't absorb the leakage you could just wear drainage cups hehehehe okay- yes love the song, hilarious- OH NO YOU DIDN:T

vanillafrog said...

ok, vanessa's comment made me laugh! how 'bout some bamboo diapers? i have that pc measuring cup that holds liquids in one end and dry stuff in the other and it rocks. it's pink so it doesn't match anything else i have, but i think part of the money went to help breast cancer research or something. not big into kitchen gadgets...just wish we had usable water right now!

Nessa and Jeebs said...

you had your baby didn't you? :) that's why you're not bloggin! okay if you didn't I"m sorry because I know it's annoying when everybody keeps wondering why you're still pregnant- but really- you did didn't you :) hehehehe

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