Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun Giveaway!

Okay, people, there is a fantastic giveaway going on over at Octamom's blog. She is hosting a giveaway sponsored by . One blessed winner will get to choose which of the products available they want! Cool, right?!  So, head on over to Octamom's blog and check out the giveaway and then follow her instructions and enter.  By the way, they offer more than just homeschool stuff and not just homeschoolers can enter.  Go see for yourself!  Have fun!

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kjames106 said...

Hey! Sam shared your names with us yesterday, I LOVE them! I love the girly name, it is too cute! Where did you come up with that? I have never heard it before. Now, I am curious if you get to use it. I'm thinking yes, that is my bold prediction!