Friday, June 26, 2009

My mom-in-love ROCKS!!

Remember this post? Well, my mom-in-love had one that was her mom's (Grandmommie) only its way bigger! O JOY! I'm seriously excited about this thing. Here's a pic:

I'm thinking the possibilities are endless! Potlucks, picnics, other, know, possibilities!

She also found an earring and broach set and another pair of earrings that she thought looks like me and gave them to me in to remember Grandmommie by. The set is calla lillies and the other pair is a green stone set in silver. They are sooo pretty and I am so honored to be the keeper of such treasures. I also think its cool that someday I'll get to pass them on to my daughter(s). Here's what they look like:

I was also given this T-shirt:

Its pretty special because now I and my sisters-in-love have one just like our mom/mom-in-love and her sisters-in-love. She even got it in green for me. (My favorite color, in case your wondering what the big deal is...)

Am I blessed with a thoughtful and creative Mom-in-love or what?!

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

pretty cool- i can't see you in earrings that big- you'll have to post a pic :) you've changed so much :) have you gone to aldi yet?