Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Spam Museum

We did go to the Spam Museum and wound up having a great time. The boys had a fun time right along Spam Fan Sam. It was fun for me, too and I have to admit that I did get a t-shirt. Ailey Grace is the only one who didn't and that's because she might have fit into it for all of a few months and that's it. Anyway, here is our picture montage:

This is their wall of spam. (The cans are empty;)


Nessa and Jeebs said...

okay-Ezra looks like he's the same size or bigger than Ailey Grace- and she's 2 months older than he is- good grief. all he does is nurse! I gotta tell ya those bug patches look cool- I"ve been telling everybody for a while that I take B-complex and it helps keep bugs from stinging or biting me. I just feel vindicated that those patches have a B vitamin in them hehehehee- oh and that's not a sheep cake- it's just a little porcelain sheep someone brought.

Mzzterry said...

Spam museum? I can't believe it! Love the tee shirts though! The kids looks like they are growing like weeds! <3 2 you all.