Monday, June 8, 2009

Its cold outside!

We are doing much better.  Sam was feeling lots better later that same day.  I really think it was just exhaustion.  I, however, am making a slow comeback.  Monetezuma's Revenge didn't last more than that first day, but I have been weak ever since.  In the wee hours this morning I thought I was going to be spending some quality time with the porcelain bowl of doom, but I drank a good amount of water and apparently my body changed its mind.  Anyway, I'm hoping to get a lot of rest today and get back to my regularly scheduled craziness tomorrow.

On another subject, the weather here feels like fall.  This is the third day it has been overcast and rainy.  Its COOOOLD, too!  It reminds me of our trip up the mountain in Flagstaff, AZ last year.  If you missed that little morsel of a story, you can read about it here.  Anyway, again its June and we are in our winter clothes again.  Craziness, I tell ya!  Oh, and the days here are VERY long.  It get light around 5:15 am and gets dark about 9:15 pm.  Its kinda wreaking havoc on my mind.  Its weird putting the kids to bed (yeah, if we actually succeed in getting them to bed on time! HA!) and it still being light outside.  I'm used to that at 8 pm, but 9 pm?!  Strangeness!  According to the forecast, its supposed to be partly cloudy all week long., really..yay. :(  Gotta find something for my very energetic boys to do so we don't all get cabin fever.

Something else I wanted to mention is we went to Craftsdirect.  All I can say is, "I LOVE THIS STORE!"  Its like a craft store warehouse.  Its huge!  We went yesterday and I got some fabric that was on sale.  My intention is to make a replacement cover for Ailey Grace's carseat.  I need to get a few more yards, but I'm biding my time and using my coupons.  MMmmwwwaaaahahhahahahaha!  We'll see if I actually get that done before she is out of said carseat. :p  I also got some scrapbook paper at the closeout part of the store where they were having the last day of a sale.  45% off of the entire purchase, using the least expensive item as the base cost.  So, basically, each page was supposed to be $0.50 each.  I got six sheets and paid a The cool thing about this place is they honor Michael's and JoAnn's coupons!  Nice...  Both of those stores are here, too.  Gotta get to JoAnn's, too while I'm here.  My plans are developing nicely.....yeeeessssss...... Now, if only I can convince them to honor Hobby Lobby coupons, too.  Too much to hope for? :)

Well, maybe it'll be nice enough to get out at some point this week and I can take some pictures.  We'll see.  Oh and another thing.  Its very possible that we will be leaving here shortly.  I know, I know, we just got here!  Its just a rumor at this point, but its one of those pretty, almost definite, for sure ones and we are just waiting to be told when we are to go.  Its kind of a shame because there are so many neat things to do here in MN, especially right here in St. Cloud.  For instance, I really want to go here to the Clemens-Munsinger Gardens.  Its gorgeous!  We drove past it and its just very picturesque.  Plus..its free!  You can't beat that.  There are also the Lakes north of here.  Sam really wants to go see Lake Superior.  Don't know if that will happen or not.

Okay, I'm needed for an intervention of some kind, so I'm outta here!

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