Monday, June 1, 2009

So far...

Well, we've made it to Minnesota.  We aren't to our final destination, yet, but we are close.  We decided to stay the night at a KOA, so I'm able to do a little update via wi-fi.  First of all, its really pretty here and right now it is 72 degrees.  The high was 78 degrees as apposed to the 92 degrees back in Salado!  Crazy!  

Okay, so far we've had an interesting time of it.  Since we've had the motor home back from the shop we've had the bathroom air vent hood screws come out of the bracket, so when you open it it turns all funky.  Then, the fuse for the blinkers has continually blown.  Yeah, probably a wire grounding issue there.  Also, right before we left, I put the awning out and it wouldn't roll back in.  Seems to indicate the motor is going out on it.  

Now, then, since we've been on the road, Sam's motorcycle decided it didn't like being all tied up and so made a break for it and fell off of its carrier.  Praise God we were near our friends house when it happened and so caught it in time to help gently lower it the rest of the way to the ground.  Sam drove it the rest of the way up the street to their house and put it back on its carrier.  Sam thinks we hit a bump, the shocks compressed and a couple of the hooks came loose.  Whatever the cause, we both know that God was watching over that thing and allowed us to be in a position to get to it in time.

Then, yesterday, as we were headed on down the road, the awning decided it needed to be free to flap in the wind and so did!  The whole thing came unraveled and got pretty good and messed up.  It even left lovely scratches as forget me nots.  Yep!  Fun times.  We were on a toll road in Kansas and a state trooper stopped long enough to make sure we had the tools to get it to where we could get moving again.  When that was determined, he made a mad dash outta there!  I don't blame him because it was a daunting task.  Sam, however, got it done beautifully!  What a champ!!!  We both could have lost it...we both really wanted to just let that happen....let our yucky attitudes take over and throw hissy fits.  AND, you know, I don't think anyone would have blamed us if we had.  BUT, God's been busy showing us how to have self-control and to hand our frustrations, irritations and crazy situations over to Him and to keep our peace during the trials we face.  I'm not saying that we've succeeded in every situation so far, but in that one, we did.  We spurred each other on and encouraged one another and it was a nice place to be.  We are inspired to be in that place more and more often.:)  God is so good!  He never said we wouldn't have to deal with junk, but He does give us the ability and tools to take care of the junk with a good heart and a good attitude and come out the other side of the situation a better person with lots more faith.  Nice.

So, basically, we have some things that need to be repaired on this behemoth that we live in, but we know God already has that laid out for us.  We'll deal with that once we've gotten settled.  We should come to the end of this particular road trip tomorrow.  We are thinking of visiting the Spam Museum.  Yes, you read correctly...SPAM museum!  Sam loves spam.  I do not.  He'll probably get a t-shirt.  I probably won't.  A good time will be had by all. :D  If we end up going, there will be pictures!  We are also going to be passing the Mall of America.  I don't know if we will stop or not.  Probably not.  We are wanting to get settled down and back into our routine.  We might take a little trip to see it on a day off or something.  We'll see.  We feel like the possibilities are numerous here for things to do and see.  Should be fun!

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

the awning must have known "the answer my friend is blowing in the wind- the answer is blowing in the wind"! hehehehehehehe- have fun in Minnesota!