Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oreos and other addictions

So...we've been really going through the Oreos lately. As in the box of original Oreos you buy at Sam's club, Oreo Cakesters, those opposite ones with the chocolate in the middle and the shortbread on the outside and just today the limited edition Strawberry Creme Oreos. Yeah, we're addicted. Sam is strictly an original Oreos kinda guy, but the kids and I are just fine with trying them all out. The strawberry ones are particularly good as are the original flavor cakesters. All I have to say is mmmmmmmmmmm.......yummy!

Cream Soda floats have been made in abundance in the Dyess household lately, too. Well, its hot, you know and we have to cool down...yeah. Its really a necessity when you get right down to it. PLUS, its got liquid in it for hydration and milk products for protein and stuff... So, really its a crime not to consume a daily dose of Cream Soda float. Here, I'll prescribe you one: 1 Cup (I won't tell if its one of those "big gulps" from the corner store;), ice cream - enought to fill the cup leaving only occasional gaps between the cup and icecream, 1 bottle of cream soda (I prefer IBC in the glass bottle) - pour until your cup nearly runneth over. Enjoy! C'mon, you know you wanna!

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

I'm cursing the oatmeal creme pies right now. Jeebs got a huge box at sam's and I had 3 in 1 week!! Not helping my largeness situation. Yeah check out the aldi's- super cheap- it's just funny cuz of Page's mission stories about aldi's in chicago heheheheehe