Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moving Madness!

We've made to Kansas after a full on got to get there road trip.  We are all tired and trying to recover from well all events in the past two+ weeks.  We're getting there. :P

This is the oddest situation we've been in as far as a place to stay.  There is a decided lack of rv parks in this part of Kansas.  We are near Fort Riley and there are several state parks and 3 or four rv parks, but they are all full!  Not vacancies.  We were very blessed to get in the place we are right now because the owner had a 3-week vacancy until July 1st.  So we are good until then.  We are searching out a place for July 1st on.  We, of course, don't know exactly how long past then we are going to be here, but we are pretty sure its going to be at least a week or two so we have to find a place to stay for that time period.  If ever there was a good opportunity for an rv park, its here.  I'm so amazed at how busy the ones here are.  Even the day spots are booked.  Its crazy!  We've also got issues with being able to get on the internet and make cell phone calls.  The signal is very intermittent and usually weak in both cases.  Oh, well, gotta make do.

Moving on...the kids are all great and growing fast.  Sam is still pressing on even though it has been a crazy 2 weeks and I'm just hangin' in there.  We went to Calvary Chapel of Manhattan today and it was so good.  We walked in and felt at home.  We hung out afterward and talked with the pastor and a couple that just so happens to live in an rv as well.  It was nice.  They were having a pot luck at the church this evening, but we didn't go because we had a lot of laundry to do and had to go to a laundromat.  Aren't laundromats interesting?  Good people watching opportunities there. ;p  Anyway, maybe we'll get to go next time.

As far as we know, Nebraska is the next stop for us after this one and then supposedly Meridian, MS again.  We are looking forward to seeing our friends there again.  If you think about it, please pray about our moving situation.  Its definitely harder to move with three kiddos, especially when one is an infant and nursing frequently.  We really want to settle down and we are waiting for God to provide a job in the place He wants us to be.  We are praying that it is soon, but mostly that we wait with joyful hearts and great attitudes for His timing no matter what!

Okay, I think that about does it for now.  I've been baking again and need to take some pictures and do a post about my culinary exploits.  I've also got to post about our Spam Museum tour...yes, we did go....and that's all I'm saying about it for now.  You'll just have to wait in suspense for the whole, hand-wringing, nail-biting story!  Mmmmmwwwwaaaaahhahahahahahaha!

BTW- I hope all my just-had-their-third-baby mommas are doing great!  Vanessa, Reina, Mollie...I remember my (and Mollie's:) sister Jennifer once saying that going from having two to three was the most challenging and I am agreeing whole heartedly!  I don't feel like I have enough hands at times, but I truly love having these kiddos!  To think that Sam and I had truly decided against having any more kids after Zekey.  I can't imagine not having little miss Ailey Grace.  We would have been seriously missing out on such a blessing and adventure!  I'm so glad God worked/is still working on our hearts about children and I'm glad we've given our fertility over to Him to control.  Kristina with your second - what a cutey pie!  You've inspired me to get Ailey Grace some, as Sam likes to say, brain squeezers (aka baby headbands), only I'm gonna make some myself - crochettastistic!  And Angelyn and Juliette - you are my heroes, nuff' said.


kjames106 said...

Glad you guys made it safely! Matthew was really surprised when I told him that you guys got moved. I pray you find a spot to stay! I also pray that God delivers you all to your permanent home!

You will make beautiful brain squeezers for that gorgeous baby girl! You will have to check out my blog. I made Lily her recent brain squeezer!!

Juliet said...

You're so sweet :) I hope you do get back to Meridian, and as soon as God allows :) I have about six weeks left in this pregnancy... baby Benjamin, as we are calling him :) I agree the third rocks your world the most! For us, anyway :) But once the olders get old enough to help, it gets so much easier! I can't believe number five is about to be here! I'll be keeping you posted, for sure :)