Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, I learned how to do the single chain first row a long time ago when I was little.  I think my Granny showed me how.  Since then, however, I never did learn how to make the second row and go beyond to actually making something.  Sam and I have gotten interested again in how to do this, so last night we were trying to figure it out by using some pictures on the web that we found.  Yeah, it still didn't make sense.  I told him, that for me, it is always better to have someone show me in person and to watch what I'm doing to make sure I'm doing it right.  I tried to find a class that I could go to.  I thought maybe Michael's would have a class, but they don't at this time.  I did a search for other classes in this area and found several, but they were so stinkin expensive!  So, I got back on the internet and looked up free how-to videos.  Lo and behold, I found some!  I really appreciate it when someone will pass on how to do something that someone showed them and not charge anything for it.  So nice.  Anyway, if anyone is interested, here are the websites I found.  

I'll have to let you know how this goes.  I'm sure it will be very interesting.

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Mzzterry said...

I may check these out. I have been called crochet-retarded by people who have tried to teach me! I think i hold my thread too tight, everything curls! I do pretty well with circles!

My mom & my sisters make beautiful things so I know I can do it too!