Sunday, October 5, 2008

Getting Involved

Today, I was on the schedule to work in the nursery.  I showed up too late to have prayer time with the other teachers, but hopefully, I will get the hang of it soon.  I was in there with another mom and two teenage girls.  It all went pretty smoothly and the other mom and I talked pretty much the whole time.  (I know, shocker.;)  Eventually, I'm supposed to be in the nursery one Sunday a month and in the 4 and 5's one Sunday a month.  I really wanted to be involved with both of my kiddos' classes, so I'm excited.  Sam and I also signed up for the Harvest Festival.  Its a halloween alternative and I'm so excited about it.  I also signed up to make a cake.  We'll see how fancy I feel like getting.  I'll probably make more than one anyway.  If they turn out the way I want them, I will take pictures.  Otherwise.......yeah.  

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Rosemond said...

I love your cute family photo!!!