Thursday, October 2, 2008


Here's my thankful list:

1.  Always, always my husband!  Man, does he step up and take up the slack when I'm not able to.  He even does it when I am able to.  Love that guy!!!!

2.  My kids - they are so much fun and such a joy and God loaned them to us!  Of all the people that He could have chosen, He chose us!  What a blessing!

3.  Antibiotics - Especially the shot kind that you get at the office to get you jump started on your way to getting better.

4.  Pain meds - usually I don't take them, but when they are necessary, boy are they necessary and I appreciate that they are available when I need them.

5.  Church - I love that God has a place of rest and fellowship for His children.  Its wonderful to get involved and make new friends.

6.  Family - quirky or not, I love mine and am so grateful for them.  I miss them so much when we are not there to be with them.

7.  Water - dehydration is no good and I am grateful that God made water so plentiful!

8.  Generators - for when your electricity goes out and its over 100 degrees outside. :p

9.  Nurses and Doctors who are truly passionate about their patients and the job they have chosen to do.

10.  Rest days - sometimes you need to have a day off and do a whole lot of nothing.


Nessa and Jeebs said...

and 11. Vanerrsa, my friend that hardly ever calls unless she's under duress. hehehehe, you know you're thankful for me- I just like to ruin your thankful list hehehehehehe

Nessa and Jeebs said...

I don't usually get nauseated unless I get too hungry. The bad thing about that is in the beginning nothing sounds good to eat. It's very annoying. But, those things on TV that I know are far away and I can't have I WANT. I really hate how I want something really bad and then I get it and then I don't want that thing again for months and months after. Annoying.