Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What to do, what to do.....

I have a prayer request.  Let me explain the situation, then I'll put what we are praying specifically for and would be grateful for any others who would join with us in agreement on this.  Okay, right now we are living in our motor home.  We never intended for this to be a permanent living situation.  As I have said previously, we can make do with whatever our circumstances are because God gives us contentment and the tools and guidance to handle said circumstances.  As also previously stated in other posts, I put for sale signs on the motor home and also listed it on a couple of websites.  So far, no serious interest, but that's not surprising and we are not discouraged.  My philosophy is it only takes one person to want it and have the money or financing ability to buy it and I believe that God already has that person in mind.  I do believe that there has to be effort on our part though in this particular case.  So, now we are in a discussion as to what to do.  We are currently thinking along the lines of renting a place, moving in there and getting our rv detailed and put on a consignment lot.  We were thinking of doing this for six months to see if our rv will sell.  So far here are the pros and cons for this situation as we have so far thought:


1. Our rv would be more visible and readily available for viewing.

2.  We would have sales associates doing the most time consuming of the work, i.e. getting it detailed, showing it to interested parties, etc.

3.  We would not be paying for a space to store it/park it while we try to sell it.

4.  We would not be living in an rv park, we would be in a house type place - more room for kids to run around, a yard area for them to play, a washer and dryer in our residence/we would not be paying for doing our laundry except the electricity to run the washer and dryer (no more washaterias!!!!), a dishwasher (oh, yeah!!), separate areas of the house for us and the kids for sleeping.

5. Our electricity bill would be cheaper and we wouldn't have to pay for maintenance upkeep because it would essentially be in storage in a manner of speaking.

6.  It would be nicer for bringing home a new baby and recovery after giving birth.

7.  I would be able to have people over, i.e. play groups, new friends for dinner, etc.


1.  We would still be paying our monthly bill for the motor home loan as well as taking on a lease payment, though most of it would be exchanged for the rv lot rent we pay per month for parking in an rv park.  We would still be talking $100-$500 extra per month depending on what we could find to rent.  So that would cut into our debt payoff amount. (If our rv sells, then lease payments are no big deal and our budgeted debt payoff expenditure would actually increase dramatically.)

We've only come up with this one con for now, but if anyone else can see any, please comment about it.  We know that God uses other people to give words and we want to know if you feel that God is giving you something to tell us.  

Now specifically for prayer.  We are praying for wisdom and guidance from our Heavenly Father.  We are asking that it be a definite yes or no.  We don't want to do anything that would displease Him or go against the plans He has for us.  We want to be sensitive to His urging in every way.  We also are praying that if He is giving us this opportunity that He already has the place and landlord/lady picked out for us and we'll know it immediately.  (We've experienced this blessing several times already and know it is not only possible but absolutely probable with our God!!)  We are praying that it has the features/amenities we need and also it would be great if it has some that we want as well.  (Can't hurt to ask, you know!:)  Also, that it would be the right price and lease term.  We need to have a six month term with month to month after that for deciding about the rv if it hasn't sold and also as leeway for Sam's job and its unpredictability in timing.  We would also appreciate it if at least the water and trash bill is included in the rent and that we have a private landlord/lady instead of a complex manager type situation.  We desire to have a yard of some sort that is completely enclosed with walls that are high enough that kids can't crawl over them.  It would be great if there is a grassy area in the yard, but it isn't a must have.  We need at least a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, but again, it would be nice if there was a second bathroom.  We would also like a washer and dryer to be provided in the unit as well as a dishwasher.  If there is a microwave, too, then all the better.  We are looking specifically for a townhome/duplex type unit.  We've never had good experiences with neighbors above or below us and with rambunctious kids, well...... Pluses would be a pool and courtyard area in the complex and possibly some furniture to use as we don't have any and would have to buy at least the basics.  We do have a bed and a bar stool, though.:)

I know that sounds like a lot, but we believe in praying specifically and believing that God will absolutely provide for our needs and that if it falls in with His plans for us that some or all of our wants will be provided as well.  Thank you for your prayer and encouragement in advance!  I'll keep everyone updated as to what comes of all of this.


Nessa and Jeebs said...

all i have to say is -- my eyesight is going after reading that color post. dag yo- it sounds like a good idea to me, but only you and Sam can make that decision. Man, seriously my eyes are hurting- stank nast!!

Luke said...

I'm happy that I read your posts in an RSS reader [smile] (just to put another vote for more legible type).

Now, on to the serious stuff:

Lord, I ask that You give the Dyesses family wisdom and clear direction in this situation. Please give them firm yes or no, and then give them the grace and peace they need to follow through. Amen.


DyessFam said...

Thank you for your comments and prayer and letting me know that the darker colors are not cutting it. I'll try to keep the colors to the middle of the spectrum.

Rosemond said...

Ok...I've been thinking about this. I have no idea about the sale of the motorhome, but as far as renting/buying a new place...get a Realtor! It is free to the renter/buyer and they do all the work. Eric can refer someone to you if you need....
God is good and He will place you in the perfect situation. Have faith! It will sell! =)