Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mom's coming for a visit!

Yay! The boys and I will be going to the airport today to go pick up my mom. (Sam will be getting the stitches taken out of the tooth socket.) She's gonna be here for four days and we are taking her to Sedona for 3 of them.  I'm so excited!!!  My dad has a timeshare program and he got us 3 nights at the one in Sedona, so we don't have to pay to stay there.  Thanks, Daddy!!!  We haven't visited yet, so we are really looking forward to going.  I've found some activities that she'll be interested in and I really think we are going to have lots of fun.  Sam is going to meet us up there on his motorcycle and he's looking forward to a longer ride on it.  He really hasn't gotten a chance to go for a long ride since its been so hot.

I'm going to be so busy today because I've got to go grocery shopping before we pick her up and get all of our supplies.  I'm also going to attempt to make a few things to take with us in that short amount of time.  Since it will be cooler, I want to take chicken and dumplings and possibly taco stew (although, we can just take the crock pot and make it there.)  Also, I wanted to make a fruit tart and some pumpkin spice bread, as well.  We might even take the apple cider and definitely the hot cocoa.  I'm still trying to think out the rest of it all.  Fun stuff.  I know the boys are gonna have a blast.

The other nice thing is that Mom offered to keep the boys one of the nights, so that Sam and I can go out on a date.  A  DATE!!!!  I don't think we've been without the kids since they went to Vacation Bible School in June and we got a night to ourselves.  So, yeah, its been a while.  We are REALLY excited about that.  Now all we have to do is figure out what to do on our date.  Woo-hoo!!!!

I'll have to post pics when we get back and settled back down.


queen of everything said...

we don't get date night very often either. enjoy tell your mom hi from the fam

Michawn said...

it's a bit chilly to swim, but slide rock is super cool. it's a park (as in state park) and i think you have to pay to get may not think it worth it since you can't swim there, but it's still a great hiking area. oh, so much to do in sedona. love that place (even though it is so very new-agey). can't wait to see your pictures to see that place again.