Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happenings in the household

1.  First of all, I forgot to tell about my appointment last week and sonogram.  The sonogram was just fine, although, it ran a little long for me and the receptionists ended up watching the boys for me.  They were very good for those ladies and got to color, so that went well.  The sonogram technician was very careful not to give me a peek of a certain area and I do have pictures and a dvd.  I'll see what I can do about scanning the pics in and posting them, but I make no promises. ;)  The "doctor's" visit was a little different.  I was expecting to see my doctor, but for the third time in a row, I saw someone different.  This time I saw Tiffany and she is a nurse-midwife.  I really, really like her.  We talked and she asked if I wanted to have a midwife at the birth and I said that I had been thinking of switching to a midwife because first, I hadn't even seen my doctor in the last three visits and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted a different perspective at this birth.  Don't get me wrong, the doctor is a great guy and I would not have had a problem with him delivering if I had steadily seen him, but I just felt like I needed to do something different.  So anyway, she asked me if I wanted to meet the rest of the midwives and I said, "Nope, I really like you and want you to be my midwife."  That was that.  I changed it up at the front desk and she changed it in my file and away we go.  Apparently, even though the doctors there are much more open to alternative ways of birthing, they still have the tendency to think as a doctor and want to be interventive.  They want you to have an iv and at the slightest sign that things aren't going textbook, they start wanting to try and "fix" things.  That's not what I want.  I don't want an iv unless absolutely necessary and I want to be able to take my time getting this child out...hehehe.

2.  Along the same topic, I received a box FULL of maternity clothes from a friend that I haven't even seen in over 8 yrs!  What an awesome blessing.  Now I won't have to go an buy any more maternity clothes for the winter!  Thank you, Melissa!!!

3.  So, I said that we put Zekey in the bottom bunk bed and he was doing well with that.  Well, really he was, but then he started getting out of bed and laying on the floor so that he could look under the door and we constantly had to put him back in the bed.  Then he started waking up at between 5 and 6 am and I kept having to get up and put him in bed with me.  Usually, I can't sleep if kids are in the bed with me, so that wasn't working out so well.  We ended up putting him back in his play pen because though we enjoyed having the living/kitchen area open and Sam being able to have that space to himself to get ready for work and eat breakfast in the morning, we (especially I) felt that he just really wasn't ready to be in that situation yet.  He's not too far away, but just not completely ready yet.  Plus, when we got out his play pen and set it up, he's was really excited and kept trying to get in it.:D   We've done that for the last two nights and it has been much better.  We'll definitely have to try again once it gets closer to the baby coming unless we have moved into a stationary dwelling before then.  We'll see how all that is going to go.

4.  I have sent the swap items for my Tea Towel swap, but I'm not going to post pictures until I know she's gotten them.  They are going to Australia, so it will be a while.  I'm very interested in seeing how this turns out.

5.  We have gone and looked at a couple of places for rent and so far the one we saw yesterday is in the top spot, but again we are waiting on God.  So many things have to come together for this to work out.  We've got the what-do-we-do-with-the-motor-home situation to get worked out before we can move on to the where-do-we-live-in-the-meantime issue.  There has been an interesting development to come of all this moving around and dealing with different living situations.  I've really done my homework on what we need and would like to have in the place we might rent and when I get call backs from rental agents I don't even mess with the spiels or let them try and give me second best options.  Its so much nicer when you can politely cut to the chase and save both of you time and frustration.  We've also been really honest with the people who are owners of the property we are looking at.  We're still looking, if someone else is also looking at what we are viewing then all the better for the owner and if they are wanting it, then as far as we are concerned, let them have it.  We haven't been released to move ahead with a contract/rental agreement at this time.  Until we have definite direction, we are only viewing possible options at this time, you know?  So there you have it.

6.  The last and most important thing is:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, REINA!!!!!  Third decade....oh, yeah, party time!!!  I hope you have a GREAT day!!!:):):):P


queen of everything said...

i had a wonderful birthday, thanks.

Melissa said...

I"m so glad you got everything okay!!! I've been so incrediably busy that I haven't been able to email you back (both my babies had their birthdays this past week). Hope everything works for you! Big Hugs!!!!!