Monday, October 6, 2008

Swap sites

I've been seeing several friends get involved in all of these craft swaps and by clicking on different links found my way to a couple of websites: and  On swap bot, I found no less than 16 swaps I'm interested in, although Sam has clearly pointed out that I cannot possibly participate in them all.  There are several though that I'm interested in and are not at the same time.  I'll put the links to them below.  I'm also thinking about advertising next month's and December's ornament swap on there and maybe the other site to get some more participants.  The only thing that I don't like about swap bot is that to get into most swaps, you have to have a certain "heart" rating and most of the time you can't be a newbie.  I understand the need to guard against those who do not follow through with their part of the swaps, but it does make it a little difficult to get in on some very neat swaps.

Here's my list of swaps I'm interested in joining:

Since there are so many, I'm gonna have to whittle it down to two or three, I think.  These were more up my alley, since right now I can't sew. (Don't have my sewing machine, much less a place to set everything out.)  Most of them you can buy or they are things that are easy to make.  I'll have to do a post when and if I decide to join any.  I think my favorites are the 12 days of Christmas and the envelope advent calendar.  They are just such neat ideas.  Let me know what you all think.


queen of everything said...

on the side of my blog i have a link to a book swap that is monthly. there is also a craft swap that doesn't require sewing.

Mzzterry said...

Speaking of swaps.....
I am having a difficult time finding cute socks!! I refuse to but boring socks. But don't despair, I will continue my hunt. When Rach & Bean were home I bought socks all the time.....I was so surprised they have been hard to find!