Friday, October 21, 2011

Brea's and Ailey's Stats

I finally got Brea in to see the doctor for her first well baby check up.  I know.  Its not because I'm all into the not vaccinating thing or whatnot.  I do like to wait until at least two months before we start vaccines because I think its just too much drama for both me and the baby.  Some of the drama can be saved for later. ;p  Anyway, there was an insurance mix up and necessary appointment cancellations and well, it just ended up taking this long.  BUT, I did get her in at the 6 mos point.  Usually its on some off month, so yay!  Anyway, she was weighed and measured and after we got into the room, the nurse was looking at her weight and she said...."Um, let's go weigh her again.  That doesn't seem right."  She was a little over 12 lbs.  I agreed that seemed light, so off we went to re-weigh her.  The result was the same, though.  I looked up Ailey's 6 mos stats and she was 15.2.  They aren't too far off.  I think they are just petite girls.  They come by it honestly, though you wouldn't know it to look at me or Sam. ;)  My grandpa on my mom's side is from a very petite family.  Ailey actually reminds me a lot of my sister, who got the petite gene.  On Sam's side, there are petites from both of his parent's lines.  I think the boys are gonna be tall and the girls, um, not so much. :)  I could totally be wrong, though.  Wouldn't be the first time nor the last. ;)

Both girls had to get shots.  Ailey only had to get one and she took it well....especially after receiving a lollipop as a consolation prize. :)  Brea was doing the whole shocked expression/ delayed reaction cry for each shot.  Ending with the full-on cry finale.  Poor baby, this is just the first of many to come!  They both did a really great job handling the shots well.  AND instead of giving the nurse death stares and trying to stay as far away from her as possible, there was a congeniality and peace in our goodbyes with her. :)

Anyway, here are the girls' stats:

Ailey - 35" and 26 lbs 8 oz

Brea - 25 1/4" and 12 lbs 3 oz

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queen of everything said...

what big girls. it takes 3 people to give q his shots. the nurse and 2 people to keep him from killing the nurse.