Friday, October 14, 2011

New Adventure in Aileyville

Ailey once again made it up the only tree in our backyard that the kids are able to climb.  I went out to get her down because she hasn't figured that part out yet and I saw her pop her head out around a limb and say, "I poo-pooed...."  I was thinking to myself that that was great.  I hope it doesn't get on my hands when I get her down.  Then, I got closer and got the full view.  Literally!  She was buck nekked up in the tree with poo on her bum and on the backs of her legs.  She had decided to go ahead and take the pull-up off and in so doing, complicated matters for me.  Yay.  I had her throw the pull up down to the ground.  Didn't need that staying up there and had to think about the best way to get her down without me taking a poo-bath.  So, I told her to stay put and not touch! and I'd be right back.  I had to go get the ladder for this.  I went and got the ladder, had her step down to me and put her in a football hold, bum out.  It was then a straight shot to the tub and a thorough scrub down.  I might have to sanitize my bar of soap later.  Ew.

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Nessa and Jeebs said...

i wish i could have been a fly around the poo watching this scene unfold hehehe