Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pics of the last few days, plus, Nearly crawling, a Brea Developement

I had to snap some pics of this, cuz it was just funny. :)

I think she will have a fun sense of humor, too.

I switched to using the flash so I could get a clear picture of the wiggle worm and you can really see her auburn (I know you are rolling your eyes right now, Vanessa, but I don't care! ha-ha!) hair. :)

Little Missy has also been doing lots of this lately....

Its only a matter of time before she is truly mobile.  Is it right to feel a bit of glee that the rest of my kiddos will soon be getting pestered by their littlest sister?  Mmmwwaaahaahaahahahaha!

I had to capture the Cuteness in a busted up Bumbo.  Thanks to her brothers and sister who think they can still fit into said bumbo, it now has some nice cracks in it.

 These are my children thoroughly enraptured by Blue's Clues and Braden is grooming the inside of his nose.

 Braden and Zekes were having such a good time having a foot fight until Braden's foot slipped and mortally wounded Zekers crotch-side.  Its all fun and games until....

 These are more pics of the amazing flying baby.


Nessa and Jeebs said...

it's okay I'll LET you call it auburn:) right before I read that I was thinking to myself, look at that baby's gorgeous hair! so either way RED or auburn it's pretty!!

oh and I don't know where your river runs through it blog is so I'll just say it here- I agree- the moby thing is hOT! and my baby is getting heavy! My shoulders start burning after walking around walmart with her in that thing! danguh and she's not even 5 months old!! and this has become a long comment so I'll keep going- okay nope, I'm done.

Pairadyess said...

Brea looks just like a baby YOU! Precious pics. You do a wonderful job capturing life's moments!
I will be seeing your sweet family in Abilene?!?!