Friday, October 14, 2011

Cedar Pollen is Evil and Seriously?!

About a month ago, the weather started its tumultuous downward spiral in an attempt to aim at winter via fall.  Thanks to my rather persnickety allergies, I began a similar downward spiral into an endless vat of snottiness.  Then came the hacking cough which usually signals a possible end to the sinus flooding and draining...along the same lines as multiple innings at a baseball game or overtime at a football game.  You really don't know when or sometimes if it is ever going to end. :)  About a week ago, I really did think the end was in sight, but then a snot onslaught barraged my being and the cycle started all over again with more coughing involved and a new player, congestion.  I was still thinking weather was the culprit until someone happened to bring up the cedar pollen storm that hits about this time of the year.  Yeah....somehow after living here full time the last two years and off and on the three years prior to that, I, again, forgot about the dreaded pollen of the evil cedar forest.  Someone mentioned on fb that she thought that in its original form after God created it, it was perfect and had its purpose, but after sin entered, it became a menace and that possibly the devil just planted the mess out of it around here. (I was liberal in my retelling of the original statement...;)  I'm inclined to agree!  I think of cedar pollen on the same plane as mosquitos. God created them and somehow, some way they were for a purpose, but I think they turned to the dark side after The Fall!  The cedar trees apparently took the same route.  Death to the cedar pollen!!!:)

Okay, a couple of days ago I saw an ad for the remake of Footloose.  Really?!  Do we not have enough teeny-bopper dance movies bombarding us these days?  There's Highschool Musical 1 through a bazillion.  Then you have Step Up and sequels, which should have halted in the process of even considering making the first one....just sayin'.  You've got You Got Served along with all the other stompy types of dance movies and let's not forget an honorable mention for all the dance spoof movies floating around out there.  After all that, I have to come to the conclusion that they ran out of material and are now having to revisit dance movies of old.  They already sequelled Dirty Dancing with Dirty Dancing: Taladega Nights...oh, sorry, I meant Havana Nights.  Anyway, I know there are those die hard Footloose fans out there, but I cannot be counted among those ranks.  The substance of the movie was bad enough the first time and from the looks of this latest attempt, via the trailer, it looks like few improvements have been made.  I think they took Coyote Ugly and tried to smoosh it together with Footloose.  Scary!

You know, now that I think about it, why don't they completely trash Singin' in the Rain with a remake or hey!  Why not hip-hop up some Phantom of the Opera?  That might actually be interesting.....

Anyway, I think I can safely say that I will not be participating in the spectator portion of this upcoming, traumatic visual "entertainment" of frolicking appendages that are not properly concealed and bound while gyrating body parts in a fashion that makes chiropractors and head trauma units the world over cringe!

Done and done.

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queen of everything said...

i feel you with the cedar pollen and the remakes. although, i heard the music to phantom put to techno and it was amazing.