Monday, October 17, 2011

Latest Semi-Completed Projects

Awhile back,  I wrote this post about a table frame that I rescued from the horrifying possibility of front row seating at the local dump.  If you are interested or just now joining this party, click here to read that post.  Here was the table frame before:

Here is what I did to it:

I spray painted the frame and sam built a top that fit down in the, um, top.  I, along with my trusty and much loved staple gun, stapled the fabric over the top and then topped it off with plastic.  Oh, yes I did. (I wonder if I can use "top" any more....)  I'm not sold on the fabric I put over the top (yes, I can), but its an easy change and it'll do for now.  I think it looks so much better.  It looks so clean and new.  It just looks like it feels better. :)

The second one I did was this chest of drawers:

This was one of my found-it-on-the-way-to-get-eats-at-Taco-Bell-in-someone's-strange-front-yard-sale. It was an olive green with bunches of flowers on the middle of the drawers and had a distressed England Country-ish sort of look to it.  I totally forgot to take a pic of it before I went all spray painty on it, but I am going to go ahead and show this it in its current state.  I'm not done with it yet.  I am going to stencil the drawers with a geometric pattern in the same cream color as the main body.  I might have to poly coat the top, since we use it as a landing strip.  I'll put up a pic once it is complete, but who knows when that will happen!  It already looks waaaaay better than it did and it, too, will do for now.

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