Sunday, October 2, 2011


We got an Ikea Ektorp sofa fo' 50 bucks! and a Kirby 5G vacuum cleaner for...wait for it....wait for it.... THIRTY DOLLARS!!!  Yes, you read right, 30!  I need to get some bags and attachments for it, but THIRTY DOLLARS!!!  Just one more time: THIRTY DOLLARS!!!  Okay, I think I can continue in lowercase from here on out... ;p  A sweet lady from our homeschool group was needing to rid herself and family of some items and these two were among them and I swooped in like a buzzard on fresh road kill.  I'm not ashamed to admit it.  The funniest thing (as opposed to the usage of most funny in a recent, previous post) was that Sam was super excited about it.  He gets excited about things, but usually it is not outwardly visible.  It was this time concerning the vacuum!  I got it home and he went and got it and started putting it through it's paces.  It was funny to watch.  I think it will help to explain that Sam did a two-week stint as a Kirby salesman in our first year of marriage.  Though Sam is not in any way, shape or form salesman material,  it is a fantastic vacuum and its been our standard ever since and now God provided us the opportunity to have one for THIRTY DOLLARS!!  Apparently, I wasn't done with the caps button yet. :)

The couch was another interesting blessing/provision.  We were given a really nice couch when we moved in and we have been so grateful for it.  I was intending to paint the fabric a different color because it totally wasn't jiving with The Plan I'm working.  That, however would have been an involved process and lots 'o work.  I really wanted a less formal couch with a removable cover that I could wash.  Enter the Ikea couch.  I can get a custom cover for it from Ikea for a fairly decent price.  Anyway, I talked it over with Sam and we decided to sell the formal couch along with the two chairs that were also given to us for what it would cost to get a new slip cover.  I listed them on Saturday and sold the couch on Sunday!  I asked God if He would please send buyers for the items.  Yep, He wants to be involved in that stuff, too, folks!

This is the couch that we did have:

This is the Ektorp we have now:

God is not a wish dispenser, but rather he knows even our tiniest, piddley-est, silliest desires and at times when they co-incide with his plans/will for our lives He blesses in very neat, creative ways.  In addition to that, He blesses us for His purposes and I'm interested and fairly curious to see what will be required of us involving the vacuum and couch and most probably our house and generosity  (we've been blessed and provided for LOTS)...we shall see!


mzzterry said...

Love this news!! God is SO concerned over every sungle detail of our lives & He provides SO much more often than I give Him credit for!!

I see some entertaining, hospitality things about to take place at your house,darling! He has plans for that vacuum & sofa, for sure!!

mzzterry said...

sungle details, they are somewhat akin to single details ;)

DyessFam said...

That is so right, MzTerry! Having people in our home to minister to them is big-time in our hearts. God is already bringing people into our lives for that purpose and it seems that He is just getting started. Its so exciting to see Him working and seeing Him being glorified...yes, even with a vacuum and a couch. ;p I'm just glad He's provided a super resilient vacuum that can possibly keep up with our professional mess-makers! ;p

DyessFam said...

Oh, and I think sungle details are so much more interesting than single ones. :)