Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I wanna do that!

So, I was in hot pursuit of a shaker like we had when I was part of the worship team at Vinyard of San Antonio many, many, many moons ago.  As a matter of fact they still have it.  I caught a glimpse of it on our last visit there. :)  It looks a lot like this, only I think its actually a gourd or fruit or something from some other country:

This one is plastic, but the right size.  Anyway, its rather difficult to order just this one as it tends to come in a group of fruit shakers for upwards of $70+.  Not really wanting that.
So, I started looking online to see how others had made their own.  I came across this guy, Hal Walker.  He's all into what are called bana kula.  Here he is doing his thang:

Well, as I went along, I came across all these other names for the same instrument. For instance, kashaka, kosika, banakula, kass kass, patica, and asalato and there's more!  Its African in origin, but in different parts of West Africa, it is used in different ways and for different purposes.  Its very interesting. Here's an interesting article on it.  Anyway, apparently, these instruments have been of great interest in Japan and it has really exploded.  Here, let me show you some amazing, talented individuals:

There are lots more videos on youtube.

After an extensive search, trying to find some of these, I finally found them on Amazon. I will be ordering some soon.  I seriously doubt I will ever be able to do what these guys do, but I do think it will be fun to try!  I did try Hal Walkers homemade bana kulas and didn't quite succeed.  I just kept the balls separate and filled the holes with hot glue and they are pretty good little shakers.  I now have 4 and intend to make more!  You wanna see?  Oh, good, I knew you would!  Here:

Along the same lines, we have had a small African djembe that I ordered online about 9 or 10 years ago, just hanging around getting the occasional beating from the kiddos.  I found these videos on youtube and am now trying to learn how to play this sucker!  I really like how this guy explains every little detail.  He's putting up a lesson each week and so far there are three:

So, there ya go.  Your rhythm and groove session for today. :)

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