Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Family Reunion

This past weekend we went to Abilene to visit with family that we haven't seen in a while. Some for nearly 10 years and others in lesser increments than that.  We had a good time and it was really great being able to see so many loved ones.  It was a short visit and I, for one, didn't get to visit nearly enough with several people.  I think some road trips are in order in the future. :)  We got some good pics and well, some not so good ones, too.  Here we go:

Ailey and her cousin Lauren.  We had some who thought they were twins at first.

Lauren and her cousin Elijah

Ailey trying to get in on the pummeling-Elijah's-head-with-favored-stuffed-animal action.

Aunt Dianne - isn't she lovely?

Billy Gene - super fun cousin!

Aunt Mary Alice and sis Jennifer

We took up a whole room at the bbq joint.

Uncle Enslie and Aunt Linda there in the middle

Memaw and Pepaw -  wasn't trying to be artsy, just didn't have my flash on. ;p

Don't you just love it when you are trying to eat and someone is taking pics?!  Mwwahahahaha!  Brother and sister comedic duo Winell (I'm sure I completely botched the spelling!) and Billy Gene.  I seriously love being around them!  And Aunt June is on the right.  We were celebrating Billy Gene's and Aunt June's birthdays.

Uncle Nelson on the right.

Uncle Nelson and Aunt Mary Alice's crew.

The Dyess siblings.

The Dyess and Towels siblings = cousins.

They are such fun!

The Towels siblings.

The kids of the siblings - crazy-fun cousin stuff here!

Aunt June's crew.

Uncle Nelson's crew.

Lonnie and Winnell's reps.
Billy Gene and Patsy a.k.a Pantsy as Braden calls her. :)

Sharon's crew.
Linda and Enslie's crew.

Our crew.  (totally scary pic of me, but I'm sure that's exactly what I looked like that day).  Next time, I think pics outside are called for!  The following is yet more evidence of the impossibility of getting a normal pic with our family.  Pay special attention to Ailey there at the bottom:

Uncle Jim and Aunt Dianne's crew.

Jennifer alerted me to the arm wrestling match in the back, so I had to get some footage...

They were so funny talking it out and trying to get the rules straight. :)

We had such a good time and hope that we'll get to spend more time later with some of the peeps we didn't get much time with this time around.  If you didn't notice, time was the star of that last sentence.

After all the food consumed over the weekend, I go up Monday morning and started my fiber attack!  There's no rule that says it can't be hidden in cookies!

Oh, yeah!

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mzzterry said...

fiber in a cookie, my very fav!! love seeing the FUN in the family photos ;)