Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sleeping and Another Score!

I've caught Zekes sleeping on camera twice in the last week.

My mom has lots of pics of me sleeping throughout my years at home, but I don't tend to get my kids sleeping because I don't want to wake them up!  Its necessary for them to stay asleep! ;p  There is the whole issue of my sanity, you know!  Theirs, too, come to think of it. :)

Now for the score part.  I found this exersaucer on craigslist for $10!

Yep, I have an unabashed romance with craigslist! :)  But, seriously, $10?!  All I had to do was wipe it down and throw the seat and toys in the washer.  Yes, I did do that with the toys.  I don't have a dishwasher so I have to improvise at times.  Those delicates bags work wonders for lots of stuff!  The other kiddos like to play with it, too.  Not the delicates bag, the exersaucer.  I just got it yesterday and already it has been a rocket ship, a robot body and a trampoline for Zekey, a fun house for Ailey and Braden also got in it while the seat was still in the dryer and was being silly.  Good times!

I also found a crib bedding set on, yes, craigslist.  I had one from before Braden was born that my sister had gotten for me, but it had been through a lot and it was not really girly at all, so I had gotten rid of it a while back at my garage sale.  I decided that it would be a good idea to get a bumper for the crib so that I could have Brea start sleeping in the crib to get used to it.  (I want to transition her into another room soon.)  Well, I couldn't find just a bumper on craiglist and when I went online to see how much just a bumper was, the cheapest I found was $29+!  Seriously?  For a bumper?  I know you are probably asking, "Shelly, why don't you just make one yourself, since you are all up in that?"  Well, I will tell you why....I don't wanna.  I have other projects waiting in the who-knows-when-I'm-going-to-get-to-them wings and anyway, to go and buy the fabric and batting for it would still be more than $20+ with coupons and watching the sales.  (I just had an epiphany!  I may not be able to jump into the whole grocery couponing craziness, but I'm all about it when it comes to craft stuff and online discount surfing!  Yay!  Okay...where was I? Oh, yeah....) So, with that in mind, I will continue to justify my crib bedding purchase. :)  I had intended to see if I could get some bedding a bit at a time that would complement both Ailey's bed and Brea's crib.  I have never set up a nursery.  Never.  We never had a room set aside for a nursery.  When we had Braden, we lived in a one bedroom condo.  When we had Zekes and Ailey, we lived in the motor home.  Brea is the only one that has come home to a house.  Since we only have a three bedroom and I put my babies in a bassinet or pack n play right next to my side of the bed until they sleep all the way through the night...well, you get the picture.  Now, however, we have a girl room and a boy room.  I can at least get nice bedding for the crib for the time being, right?!  She'll be in it for another year or so at least.  Okay, so again, I found some on craigslist.  Here it is:

JoJo Designs Annabel Baby Bedding - 9pc Crib Set

It will go with the sorta shabby chic thing I'm aiming for.  It came with the diaper stacker, fitted sheet, quilt, bumper, toy holder thingy hanging on the wall in the pic, the heart pillow, bed skirt and the bumper.  It also has a valance, but where it says on the package that there are two, I think they forgot to cut it and so its actually one super duper long one. :) The lady bought it, then had a crazy pregnancy where muted colors messed with her mood and never used it.   She paid $169 for it and I paid $65.  I talked her down from $75.  I'm thinking that was a pretty good stinkin' deal!  AND, in my tradition of tweaking, if I ever get around to it, I can make something else out of it all....if.  Or, I can just sell it.  Whatever. ;p

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vanillafrog said...

we have that exact exersaucer! Scout loves it! Good deal, too!