Sunday, April 6, 2008

Totally about our kiddos...WITH PICTURES!!

So, its getting really close to both of the boys' birthdays. I can't believe I'm going to have a four-year-old and Zekey is going to turn one! Its so amazing!!!

Braden is such a great big brother. He really does try to take care of Ezekiel. He also really does such a good job playing with him. Of course, he's still learing about what is appropriate for the age that Ezekiel is. He also has issues with sharing some times, but overall I am just so impressed with how tender and giving his little heart is toward Zekey. Its so fun watching them learn and grow. I am totally blessed to be their mom. Thank you, God!:)

Zekers is a hoot. He's constantly learning how to do something new. He's definitely my climber. No Fear! Yeah... He is such fun to watch try to figure something out. He will turn the object upside down to see how it is put together and have such a concentrated look on his face and then he'll look up and just bust out laughing, like "Isn't this the greatest thing ever?!" So funny to see. He also wants to do everything Braden does. He's already playing in the sand box, he can play Braden's recorder and I'm convinced that he already is trying to help put on his clothes. Yep, he's getting older quicker than Braden did....I don't really know if I'm okay with that yet or not. I'll have to give myself more time to think on that...hehe.

More on this subject later, OF COURSE....


lil' miss martha stewart said...

they cannot be that big already. you have a beautiful family.

vanillafrog said...

Braden looks SO much like you in that picture!