Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ezekiel's Birth Story - pt. 3

Finally, I knew I needed to take a test and get started on doctor’s visits and all that jazz. I was already taking prenatals because we had stopped preventing. (Gotta make sure you get the folic acid!) Well, I took the test and, sure enough, it was positive! I was really very excited! I went to the doctor to get a blood test and to get started on prenatal care. I would have really liked to do home birth or a birthing center, but all of my care was completely payed for as long as I used a hospital and doctor and all that, so it was a blessing. I found a doctor that had his office at the hospital where I would give birth. I liked him a lot because he would listen to my concerns and give me the time of day. He would also let me bring Braden to my visits. That’s a plus for me. :)

I like surprises, so I talked to Sam about doing something special to let everyone know we were expecting again. He was fine with it and so I started planning. We were headed back home two weekends later for a visit and everyone usually gets together for lunch after church on Sunday when everyone is there. I decided to order a cookie cake from the cookie place in the Longview Mall. (Mmmmmmm.....cookie cake!) I told them to write “Guess who’s expecting?!” on it. I was going to pick it up that Saturday evening so that we could have it ready for Sunday.

I made it to Wednesday before the nausea set in. At first, it wasn’t too bad. At least compared to later. In the previous 5 years, I had only thrown up twice. Before that it had been 11 years! I wasn’t used to throwing up, but boy did that change!!! I started throwing up breakfast and I would be sick to my stomach for the rest of the day, but could still keep food down. Then over that weekend it just got worse. I could only keep certain foods down. (I think milk was one and I honestly can’t remember now what else, but it wasn’t much.) I tried sprite and crackers...threw them up. I tried acidic foods....threw them up. I tried fatty foods....yep, threw those up, too. The awful thing about it all was I was litereally starving. I would be soooo hungry, but anything I ate would come right back up. It was so frustrating!! By the time we were getting ready to go home for a visit, I was not doing so well. I had to call and tell some of my family that I was pregnant because I needed a major prayer session. I was getting really scared about the baby not getting enough nourishment. I couldn’t keep food down much less vitamins! (A whole lot of crying happened during this time.)

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