Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Braden's birth story - pt 4

So, kidney stones, joint pain and spotting so far.  Once again, Braden was perfectly fine.  Just more irritating body stuff on my part.  That's pretty much how first and second trimesters went.  Now, we did have a really fun time when we decided to register because I got to watch Sam get a hold of the scanner and have a great time using it.  That was really fun.
Moving on to trimester three.  About this time is when I was able to do a bit more around the house and trying to get things ready.  I was really blessed in that my sister Sara had lots of baby clothes that she gave me.  My mom also was buying all kinds of stuff for Braden.  I was very grateful because we didn't have to buy a whole lot, but at the same time, I was getting very overwhelmed.  Something I forgot to mention earlier.  I'm not normally a very emotional person.  I love to laugh and do quite a bit.  On the flip side, I have to constantly watch my temper and tendency to get easily irritated.  That's about it.  I would really only cry during a sad movie or if I was so angry that was all I could do.  All I have to say is I am NOT the same person when I am pregnant!!!  Sam would come home from work and walk in the door and I would just start crying.  I would even be aware of the fact that I was crying for no reason and wonder why on earth I was doing that.  Very odd experience.  Another kinda funny thing I have to add here....the joint pain was pretty bad.  When we went to the store, I would end up having to ride those scooter carts around because walking was so painful.  I just kept getting slower and slower....  Organizing was a big ordeal as we didn't have a lot of room for storage, but I managed.  My due date kept creeping closer and closer.  I was due June 9th and on Wed. May 26th I had a doctor's appointment at around 5 p.m.  She said that I was already almost 5 cm dilated.  What?!  I never really felt any contractions or anything to tell me I was dilating.  Very strange.  She then asked if I wanted her to go ahead and strip my membranes.  My first question was, "Will it hurt?" :)  She said it might feel a little uncomfortable and then I asked what it would accomplish.  She said it would either jumpstart my labor or it would cause me to go into labor a few days sooner than expected.  Then.....

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lil' miss martha stewart said...

scooters in the stores. wow, one would almost wonder why you chose to have another. i wouldn't because you have beautiful little boys. the ankle incident was due to the triple jump.