Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Braden gets potty trained!

We are so excited!  Braden has been going tee-tee on the potty for about a year now and probably within the last two - three months no accidents of pee at night or in undies during the day.  Well, we've had a very interesting time of trying to get him to go poo on the potty.  At first, he was scared of sitting on the potty, then he got to where he would just hold it until bed time and I would get woken up by him crying because he had pooed his pullup in the middle of the night.  Well, finally we got him to go a couple of times BEFORE bed and were giving him "poo-poo" candy every time he went on the potty.  (We did the same thing with going tee-tee and slowly just phased it out.)  Well, he gave us some pretty tale-tell signs, namely lots of gas, when he had to go poo, so we just started putting him on the potty every night.  Then it was consistently every other nigth.  NOW, it has gotten even better.  He'll be playing outside and just come in and say, "I need to go poo-poo really BAD!  So.....we have our first potty-trained kiddo!  YAY!  Congratulations, Braden!!!!

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lil' miss martha stewart said...

a big congrats. we're beginning the potty training with aislyn. she isn't really that interested.