Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sick Days.....:(

Well, both of the boys are sick today.  Zekey woke up with a fever Yesterday morning and Braden followed suite at about three this morning.  This is the second time they have both been sick at the same time.  For the most part, they both hung in there well today.  As long as I kept the Tylenol and Motrin going to keep their fevers down, they were playing and feeling pretty good.  Zekes got his naptimes in, but Braden didn't slow down until around 4 pm.  Poor little guy!  Its very frustrating that fevers come back with a vengeance in the evening through the night!  The time you need the most rest, ya know?  Well, I'm hoping that in the morning they will both be better.  It seems to be a virus and Braden has more symptoms than Zekers does.  We'll see.  Until they are better, we'll just be home chillin' and having play/movie days and lots of love, care and popsicles! :)  The cool washrag on the forehead is always a big hit too.  The thought of that when I have a fever still brings memories of comfort from my childhood.  Please pray for a speedy return to health for them both and lots of rest for all of us! :)

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