Monday, April 21, 2008

Braden's birth story - pt 2

After finding out I was pregnant,  I had a busy morning. I called into work and told them I had to go in to see the doctor. That's how it works in the Air Force. I had to go get verification via a urine sample and blood test to prove that I was actually pregnant. Then, I had to go get a physical activity waiver, so that I wouldn't be doing activities preggos aren't supposed to do. (Yep, a whole lot of paper work!) Then, I had to fill out more paper work so that I would get a preggo clothing allowance for my uniforms and so on and so forth. Fun stuff. All the while, I was still wiggin' out. Sam was just in a bit of shock, I think for the first week. It took a while for it to become reality for him. Well, everyone was excited for us and we got excited with bouts of being terrified throughout the whole pregnancy. The first trimester was fine, except I kept having spotting. That was very scary for me and since they can't really do anything for you on the doctor's end, it was just a waiting game to see if I would get through it. Finally, I was into my second trimester and I started spotting again. Up to this point, I was still exercising and had only a slight case of nausea with no throwing up. Well, the doctors (I saw many different doctors through my entire pregnancy) were worried and after many sonograms found that I had a clot over my cervix due to a small section of placenta being detached from my uterus. Yep. that scared me even more. I can't tell you how many times we heard miscarriage during this time. I had decided that if one more person mentioned that to me again, I was going to blow up! Thankfully, the doctors decided to put me on bed rest for two weeks right before Christmas. The clot just went away on its own and the great thing is, Braden was just dandy the whole time. It was my body that was having all the issues!
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