Friday, April 18, 2008

Play date review

Well, we went to the play date on Wednesday and we had lots of fun.  Braden had so much fun playing with the other kiddos and climbing all over the playground equipment.  Zekey had a good time, too.  He really liked the mulch that covered the ground.  He kept putting pieces of it into his mouth and chewing on them. :)  The moms are super nice and  very welcoming and friendly.  They are all unique, but are definitely united in the pursuit of homeschooling their children.  I'm hoping to start  Braden on a preschool curriculum this fall, so I'm excited to meet with these moms.  Unfortunately, I did forget to bring the camera, so no pics this time.  Hopefully, I'll remember next time.  We have a couple of play dates to go to next week, so maybe I'll have some pictures then. ;p

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