Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another debt bites the dust!

Go, God! Go, God!  Yep, its thankful praise time again.  This is an addendum to the previous post about paying off one of our credit cards.  We were also able to pay off the medical bill we had from when Zekey was born.  It wasn't as much as most births cost, I'm guessing, but we didn't have the money in a lump sum to pay it off at the time.  We were on a payment plan for a few months (Have I mentioned that I love Scott and White? I'll have to write a post about that sometime soon.) and then God just blessed us with increase and we were able to pay that bill off and put that monthly payment amount on another bill.  Yay, God!


kjames106 said...

Cool! I have a blog too! Wanna see? I'll have to invite you. What is your email address? You can email me at

Kristina :-)

vanillafrog said...

shellbell! hey, now i can comment on your site too!

lil' miss martha stewart said...

good job on the debt, we just paid off a huge chunk of our college debt. 3 down one to go.

Jodi said...

good to "see" you here shelly! my blog is

I also have Vicki's blog linked on my page (The Starting Family). If you haven't seen it. She is having twins (today, actually! wow!). They are #4 & #5 for her. :) Go check us out. :)