Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Church search at an end...we found one!!

Okay, so in the past we have had trouble finding a church to get involved with when we move to a new place.   The usual protocol is to look in the yellow pages and see what's available.  A lot of times it would take us months to find a place and by then we would be getting ready to leave.  VERY frustrating!!  Well, when we moved to Oklahoma, all of that changed.  We started to really pray for a place to be prepared for us ahead of time and that it would be obvious.  Since, then, we have really been blessed! We actually ended up driving past the church that we stayed with until our departure and made some really great friends super fast that same day!  So God has made places for us so far and they haven't been hard to find.:)  In Austin, we had the same experience.  We drove past Victory Christian Center and while it wasn't exactly what we expected, God made a place for us there.  Now the same exact thing has happened again! (Don't you just love God's faithful consistency?!)  We had looked in the phone book and visited two other churches the Sundays that we were here before and were actually on our way to an Assembly of God church this particular Sunday that we ended up not being able to find.  On our way back into town, wondering where we would go, we went past a Calvary Chapel!  Yep, we are pretty familiar with Calvary Chapels.  LOVE them.  Talk about consistent!  We haven't been to one we haven't liked yet.  They weren't in the phone book because the pastor's cell phone is the church phone.  Anyway, Sam was like, "Oh yeah, we can definitely go there!" (He was very excited.  I love to see him get like that.:)) We were ten minutes late, but it was so great.  The funny thing is that a few weekends before we decided to take the motor home on a mini vacation to Florida and Alabama and wound up visiting the Calvary Chapel in Pensacola.  Such a funny "coincidence" because we came back thinking it would be so great to be able to go to Calvary Chapel.  God provides again!

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lil' miss martha stewart said...

isn't it amazing what happens when we trust the Lord.