Monday, April 28, 2008

Things I wish I had known about starting with my first pregnancy!

1.  Promise Stages Vitamins - I write about these in Zekey's birth story.  They are so wonderful!  They are formulated for each stage of your pregnancy from preconception to breastfeeding.....  They use a coated iron so they are much easier on your stomach and help with nausea.

2.  The Moby Wrap - I'm stealing this from my friend Michawn.  I saw it on her blog and was like, "That is soooo cool!  I want one!!!"  I found them on as well as some other websites...just google it.

3.  Bella Bands - Also stolen from Michawn:)  Very cool for being able to wear non maternity pants for a bit longer before you start wearing maternity clothes, also good for some support after birth as well as helpful when breastfeeding not to show the jiggly post-preggo belly!

4.  Postpartum Support Belts - Medela makes one.  I haven't tried them, but you can be assured that I wish that I had known they existed.  I had a really hard time after both of my deliveries!  If we are blessed with more kiddos, I will be ordering one!:)

5.  Night nursing bras - Yeah, didn't know they made those.  I was really only seeing whatever Target had to offer....I'm a one-stop shopper for the most part.  Medela makes some as well as some other brands.  They give support, but are comfortable to sleep in.

6. Bum Genius Diapers - Also another goodie from Michawn.  (Yes, there is a trend here....I prefer to let others find out about these things and then I can go and research them...hehe.  Thanks, Michawn!;)  These are the coolest diapers!  They are a one size fits all cloth diaper that has a pocket that you stick an insert in for absorption.  Check them out at

7. Home birth/birth centers/water births - Now I did know about these things, but I had fear of the unknown and fear of no chance for epidural! ;)  Well, after experiencing giving birth minus the epidural, but in the hospital....I totally regret not seeking out a more natural and calm way to bring my first two kiddos into this world!  I'll tell ya right now, that I would rather be in a supportive, non-rushed and birth friendly atmosphere where I was encouraged to let my body take its time and do what it does so well on its own than to be hurried up so that the doctor can be on his/her way out the door as fast as possible.  I also don't think I would have torn EITHER time had I been attended by a midwife instead of hospital staff!  Also, water birthing sounds so much nicer than flat on your back in an uncomfortable hospital bed.  I'm just saying.....! :D

8.  Robeez infant shoes - These are shoes that I did know about, but were super expensive when Braden started to toddle.  I could have found similar ones that weren't as expensive and would have been better first shoes for Braden like the ones at Target now : Ministar.  Zekers will be benefitting now. ;)

So far, that's all I can think of... If anything else presents itself, I will totally do an encore post!

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lil' miss martha stewart said...

when i got preggers with adara i had to take out my belly button ring. i then got it redone only to get preggers again. this time i found retainers to keep the hole open. woo hoo