Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Braden's and Zekey's outside adventures:)

Today is a good day to give a little insight into how our days typically go.  Not that there aren't plenty of atypical days.  Anywho, here goes.  Normally, Zekers will wake up between 4 and 5:30.  There are people in this rv park who leave around this time in deisel trucks.  I usually stumble in to give him a bottle and then put him back in his bed when he is done.  He usually sleeps until 8 after that.  If he wakes up before then, I go get him and put him in bed with me to get a few extra winks, but all I do is delay the inevitable.  So at 8 we get up and if Braden is still asleep, I let him stay that way, but usually he gets up by about then.  I get breakfast ready and depending on how adventurous I am, it can range from cereal to biscuits and gravy/pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc.  Then unless it is raining, I get both the kiddos dressed (Braden dresses himself, I just set out his clothes) and then usually Braden goes outside to play for most of the day.  He is such a boy!!!  Loves to dig in the dirt and "go to work" and help do outside chores.  Its amazing to watch God's handiwork!!  The funny thing is, Zekey wants to do all of that, too!  He is all about getting his feet in the dirt and pushing it around.  He loves to dig in the sandbox.  He's already making little matchbox cars drive around like they are supposed to, thanks to some pretty hands-on teaching from his big brother.  He even fusses to go outside and play.  I can remember with Braden, I was so uncomfortable with him being outside and getting into stuff. (I dreaded the cleaning up part.)  Now, however, I love that both my kiddos love the dirt.  First of all, it keeps them from having some serious sensory issues. (Both my mom and my sister are occupational therapists, so I'm quiet informed about such things.)  Also, its just plain fun.  Seriously, having Ezekiel gave me such another perspective.  Thank you, God!!  (I know Braden has benefitted from me relaxing in this.)  Anyway, about a month ago, we actually had to get Braden his third pair of rain boots.  (Totally love the rain boots.) His Aunt Jenny and Uncle Ben had given him a really great pair for Christmas, but he managed to tear them up in less than two months!!!  Amazing.  So, we went to Academy and got some heavy-duty camo boots with pull up loops.  So far, so good.  They may last as long as the first pair he ever had. (Those had to be replaced because he literally wore the tread off the bottom!) I also love that he can put them on himself. :)  Zekey also has some, but they are for a bigger foot, so he has to grow into his.


Michawn said...

such cute boys. and i LOVE the crazy fun.

lil' miss martha stewart said...

love when i can take aislyn outside to play. she is way more adventurous than adara ever was.