Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sick Days.....:( take 2

Well, the boys do seem to be doing better today.  Its interesting to me to see that even though Zekey got sick first, Braden is having a rougher time.  I'm hoping that Zekey's fever is gone now, but I'll have to wait until tonight to be sure.  Braden's cough is worse and his fever keeps popping back up, but I think by tomorrow (or hopefully tonight) that will be gone and then we'll just have to wait for the cough to clear up.  Of course he doesn't like the medicine for his cough.  He says its spicy!  I tried mixing it with grape juice, but he still made a face trying to get it down his gullet!:D  Maybe in yogurt?  I'll have to try that for the next dose or something.  I'm hoping that he sleeps well tonight, not just for my sake;), but so he gets some rest!  I did get the cool mist vaporizor out last night and that did seem to help.  There was less coughing.  (We got a really neat vaporizor.  It' s a froggy.  I bought it at Target a couple of years ago.  They still sell them.  They have penguins, elephants and even a Thomas the Train one.)  Hopefully, tomorrow's update will be smooth sailing ahead....

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