Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ezekiel's Birth Story - pt. 4

Then we went home and for a couple of days I felt okay. (Meaning I wasn’t throwing up as much.) Then for some reason, I started throwing up again with a vengeance. Smells would/could cause it. Standing up would cause it. Laying down would cause it. Trust me, it was a terrible time and not just for me. Sam couldn’t do anything to make me feel better and he was having to pick up my slack with Braden, cooking, cleaning, everything! Plus working full time on top of that. Everyone else was having a hard time, too. No one knew what to do about me. I pretty much stayed on the couch or in the bed the whole visit. I did go to church, but I felt like throwing up the whole time.

While we were on the visit, Sam took me to to a walk in clinic because the VA was closed over the weekend. At first they didn’t want to give me anything because none of them did anything with OBGYN. I was in a bad way though. I was keeping hydrated at this point. Water was still staying down, so they gave me a prescription for Phinergin. It was a cream that you rub on your wrists instead of the pill. They didn’t think I would be able to get it to stay down. Now I have had experiences with Phinergin in the past. Those two throw-up episodes in that five year space....yep, had Phinergin given to me. Now that is a story in and of itself, but suffice it to say it makes me super loopy and I stay asleep forever. While we were on our visit that was fine. I was even able to eat some potatoes and pot roast and a piece of the cookie cake. You know, they didn’t even put the right message on it. I checked on it twice before we picked it up and still it was wrong!!! (Sorry, that’s a pet peeve of mine. ;) Then...

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