Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ezekiel's Birth Story - The Finale!!!

Well, the ice packs worked! It only took about 36 hours for the swelling to go away completely. That was a change from a week and a half! At first I wasn’t producing enough due to all the swelling, so I did supplement a little bit until Ezekiel’s jaundice went away. However, I always breast fed first and then only supplemented a little bit. I did have to gradually increase the formula, but not to an extent that I couldn’t make up the difference later. When he was out of the woods with the jaundice, I had to breast feed him about every hour and a half to meet his needs. After a few days of that, though I wanted to try the herbs. I had to get my first bottles at a health food store in town and the price difference between the two is enough to wait for the online order! http://www.swansonvitamins.com/ I will put up a link for this as well. The herbs worked right away. I know that for some they don’t do anything, but they did work for me. I was excited because my milk supply completely met Ezekiel’s needs after that. There were still times where he would breast feed every hour and a half, but usually it was only when he was in a growth spurt. Oh yeah, he finally did go poo a week later!:) During the first two weeks of Zekey’s life, we went to see Patty many times. She was an invaluable source of support and information. Thank you, Patty!

It took about three full weeks for my pelvis to be able to support my weight, but it did finally happen. Not a whole lot else happened that was not within the normal realm of my life after that. I was able to solely breastfeed until we started Zekey on solid foods at four months. Like Braden, he weaned himself. He just simply became disinterested in staying on the boob for any length of time, so at 6 mos, right before Christmas, he was completely weaned. Truth be told, I was just fine with that. 

Truly the amount of growth and trust that came out of being blessed with this little boy is just amazing!  I can't imagine having been sane after all that I went through with this pregnancy if it had been my first.  Don't you love how God orders events in our lives and totally gives us the preparation and equips us with exactly what we need when need it?  What an awesome God we have!!!  I love that God stretched Sam and I so much.  We are stronger and more united than ever!  To top it all off He has blessed us with two wonderful little souls to take care of for Him.  Wow!  That’s Zeker’s birth story. I hope you enjoyed the saga....;)  Oh yeah, by the way he came out weighing 8 lbs 14.5 oz (a whole pound more than we thought!) and 19 1/2" long.  He was also super bruised from coming out so fast!

Here is a picture montage of Zekers:

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what a beautiful end to your story.