Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grandmommie's Funeral, A Birth Announcement and a move

Boy, it has been a busy several days.  Sam's Grandmommie went home to be with the Lord last Thursday. The funeral was beautifully done.  Her grandson Aaron spoke and he did such a good job.  It was more like a family reunion than a funeral.  It was neat to see how Grandmommie had touched so many lives and could bring so many together.  It was not a service where there was mourning because we all know where she is!  (I want mine to be like that.  I want there to be a reunion and a time of catching up and remembering, but not in a sad way:)
 She was a beautiful lady.  I don't have any pictures, but her skin was like fine porceline and her heart was just big and loving.  Grandmommie was a living example.  When she was just a kid she came home from school and told her mom that she wasn't feeling well.  It turned out that she had gotten polio.  Although I'm not quite sure the extent of the damage that the polio caused, I do know her legs, arms and hands were affected.  She was originally right handed, but due to the polio became a lefty.  She still managed to do all kinds of things throughout her life even though her extremities were weakened.  She married a wonderful man known to us as Pop who went home to be with his father in heaven several years ago.  She and he raised three kiddos, she baked the best bread anywhere (because of her strength level she couldn't beat the dough to death like most of us end up doing, so it came out super light and fluffy:), she was a Godly woman, she loved her grandkids and great-grands.  There are 14 so far (if I'm not mistaken) and still more to come!  What a legacy to leave!  I only knew her for the last eight years of her life, but let me tell you, it was a lesson in how to be determined not to just give up!  She had a great sense of humor and I loved it when she would get tickled by something the great-grand kids would say or do or even when her grand kids would good-natured-ly tease her.  So much fun!  She will be missed, but the great thing is, she is where she was called to be... worshipping at her Lord's feet!!!  How great is that!!

The day after the funeral, Tuesday, our sister Mollie gave birth to her second kiddo, Michael Ian Cherry at about 5:30 pm.  He weighed 8 lbs 7oz and was 19.5 in long!  He is such a cutie-pie!  Mom and baby are doing very well. Dakota is loving his little brother and wants to hold him as much as possible.  Dad is a doting father and husband and hopefully they will all get some rest:)

Now then, last, but not least.....we've moved again!  We are back in Killeen, TX.  This is the first time we've ever gone back to the same place.  Again, we don't know how long we will be here or where we will go next, but we are content.  We are sad to leave our friends in Meridian, MS!  We have been informed that they are praying for us to come back there permanently:)  Who knows....God may honor their prayer request!  We are excited that we are back in the vicinity of Nina and Padrino, though!  We've really missed them and are looking forward to seeing them again.  Also, this is where Braden went to daycare twice a week for a few hours in the afternoon.  We may be able to do that again, but maybe only one day.  We'll see.  We will definitely be visiting the fabulous ladies there.  They'll be just as excited to see how the boys have grown.  Also, we already have a church here and will look forward to going there on Sunday.  We also have the best internet service we've ever had here.  ClearWire.  We've already turned it back on, so we're back in business!  I'm telling you God is detail-oriented!  His provision is complete!!!  Very exciting to rest in Him.

So far that is all I have to report.  As things come up, you better believe I will make announcements!:):):)

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lil' miss martha stewart said...

glad the funeral went well. i've discovered that funerals for christians are so much different than others. though we are sad to lose the person, we are thrilled they are home.