Friday, May 16, 2008

Marriage...What is it really all about?

This is something that I have a heart for and it has only been growing stronger.  I want to share with and encourage you about this subject.  You know, Sam and I have been married nearly 8 years now and we are really just now getting started on the training we need for our marriage.  We were/still are super blessed to have Godly mentors during our first year of marriage on.  Boy can mentors really make a difference to a marriage!  (In a great way, of course!)  We've also been blessed to be under some really awesome pastors who are not only not afraid to speak on what God says about marriage, but are emboldened and passionate about telling their congregations the un-skewed facts.  Recently, we've been listening to podcast messages and there are three pastors who have given some really good messages on marriage.  I want to share them with you.  I'm going to put the links below and then eventually make a sidebar link to them.  Here's the deal.  Marriage is so special and can be such a lovely, harmonic relationship.  Did you know it is supposed to mirror God's love for us?  And its more than possible to do it!  I believe that just because you are married, it does not mean you've got it all together.  Its hard work and you've got to leave your heart open to growth and direction and vision for your marriage and family.  All of these messages have great tips, points and most important why God created it, how He wants it to be and what His vision for it is .  We in this society and even growing up in church sometimes have learned such a twisted idea of what marriage is supposed to look like and how it actually is.  I would encourage you to listen to what they have to say.  Get your Bibles out and go along with them!  Its amazing what we haven't been taught, gets skipped over or flat out gets twisted.  I'm also including the link to Dr. Emerson  Eggerichs' website for his book and other material on Love and Respect.  Its really good stuff!  He speaks to both husbands and wives and makes wonderful sense and gives great tips on how to mend, restore and enrich your marriage.  I hope all of your marriages are blessed and protected!

By the way, single people out there...It is never to early to start training.  If God has given you a desire to be married, but hasn't brought that person to you yet, you can still get trained.  It will only help you when God does show you who you are to marry.  Being accountable to a mentor/mentors like a married couple in your church whom you trust and whose marriage you admire, will just help keep you on track and give you invaluable information and tools for your own marriage someday.  Also, our friends Joel and Michawn have told their courtship story here and is super inspiring if anyone is interested. (To continue reading through their story just scroll to the bottom and click on newer post.  There are 17 parts.)

Here are the links:

Pastor Jeff Little -  Milestone Church - Family: Instructions for Living

Pastor Chuck Warnock - New Covenant Church - Series on Marriage and Family

Pastor Bob Coy - Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale - Building a Godly Marriage Series
(You need to choose lo or hi bandwidth in the black screen to play the messages)

*** There will be more messages on The Wife's Role every day and I will post them as they are available on this post, so check back.:)

Here's the link for the Love and Respect materials on Dr. Emerson Eggerichs' site. You can also find the book and book on cds on

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