Monday, May 5, 2008

Ezekiel's Birth Story - pt. 7

The plan was to stay about a week and a half. First, I was going to see my sister and stay with her for a couple of days, then I was going to go out to the Lake Palestine area to a time share my sister-in-love Mollie has. Sam’s parents, Mollie and her son, Sam’s brother Ben and his wife Jennifer and their four kids and Sam’s Grandmommie, plus Me and Braden were all supposed to stay there together. We were supposed to get a three-bedroom condo, but there was a mix-up and it wound up being just a two-bedroom. There was a fold-out couch and two beds. Air mattresses were brought to supplement. After that, I was supposed to head up to my mom and dad’s house for the rest of the time including Thanksgiving Day.

Yeah, that’s not how it went down. The first part of the trip was just fine. I got to Sara and Travis’ house and had a wonderful visit. I was still queasy and I had to wash the sheets on the guest bed in just detergent because the softner smell was too overwhelming to me. (Now, normally, it might be a little too perfum-y for my taste, but it would not have bothered me. Just so you know. ;) Oh, yeah, I also brought my cats with me because I couldn’t handle their litter box smell in the little trailer we were living in. Sara was going to keep them for me until after I gave birth. (They actually ended up at my Granny’s house....again, where they are still residents. When we stop moving around, I will finally get my kitties back!!! Thanks more than I will ever be able to express, Granny!)   Yep, still more....

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