Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ezekiel's Birth Story - pt. 11

When I got home, I felt completely better! Yep, not even a little nauseated. (I did figure out why later.) I spent the next month still doing a lot of sitting and lying down. Whenever I would stand up too long or try to do any kind of housework or anything else heavy duty, I would get really dizzy and a little queasy. I even had to sit to take showers.

Everything was as normal as could be as far as I was back to not throwing up as long as I took it easy. Christmas came and I had been feeling a lot better by then. We decided to go home for Christmas and this time Sam came too. Everything was going well. We had a really great Christmas and had lots of fun visiting with everyone. We were staying with Ben and Jennifer for the most part during this visit. I might be getting some things mixed up here because I remember having a throw up fest when Sam was there at Ben and Jen’s, but I don’t remember exactly when. I wound up staying longer on this visit than Sam did because he had to go back to work. Since I was feeling fine, I thought it would be great to stay until New Year’s. Well, Sam left and Braden went to stay with Sam’s parents for the night. Well, guess what happened... I started getting nauseated again. After a little time had passed, I just decided that I needed to be where Braden was. I felt so bad, too, because this was the first time Braden was staying with his Meemaw and Peepaw all by himself. Under normal circumstances, I would have LOVED the break, but at that moment, I needed my kiddo.  We're halfway through...

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